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March 16, 2023
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Where Can I Get a Sign Made for My Business?

Turns out, "Where do I buy signs for my business" is a pretty common question small business owners and administrators have. It's no surprise–most people buy signs infrequently (or for the first time) and are unfamiliar with the best places to get signs.

In this blog, we’ll look at five places you can get business signs made, their pros and cons, and the one place you can get the quality and value you expect.

Five Places to Get Business Signs: Only One of Them Offers the Better Value

Business Signs at the Big Box Store

The local Staples (or similar) is probably one of the first places you'll think of for custom sign printing. While it may seem convenient, it's a very limited option.

You’re stuck choosing from a handful of templates, mostly just vinyl signs, and you'll hear a lot of "sorry, we don't provide that.”

Pros: You know about the stores.

Cons: Very limited customization options; unlikely to offer the most competitive prices; templated designs.

Ordering Business Signs From an Online Store

Next are the online sign stores that allow you to design and order signs online. The experience is like that of a big box store, only that you do the same thing online.

Pros: Order outdoor and indoor business signs from the comfort of your home and/or office; a wider selection of styles compared to big box stores.

Cons: Limited customization options; design tools can be unintuitive; the quality can be a big unknown.

Off-the-Shelf Business Signs From Amazon, Etsy, AliExpress, and More

218.8 million Americans shop online, so why not buy signs from an e-commerce store? Getting 'custom' signs on e-commerce stores is pretty much a no-no. You exercise no creative or quality control, shipping delays are common, and there’s a real risk of the sign not meeting local safety standards.

Pros: You can order online

Cons: Unreliable quality; unreliable shipping; little to no customization for indoor and outdoor business signs.

The 'Sign Store' You Found on Google for Indoor and Outdoor Business Signs

Now we're starting to make progress, working with a local signage company can be a recipe for success, but it can also be a recipe for disaster, too.

Check customer reviews, BBB, Facebook, and other sources to verify if the company is the real deal.

Pros: Customized signs; signs that comply with local laws; possibly, good value for money.

Cons: Too many sign companies sell standard templates; companies with no reputation may offer poor value; you might have to design signs for yourself.

The Best Place for Business Signs: Pacesetters Signs and Graphics

The gold standard sign maker in Philadelphia! You’ll receive personal attention, comprehensive customization, and incredible value.

Pros: Professional signage team with years of experience; customize signs from scratch; indoor and outdoor signs for all budgets.

Cons: Too many options to choose from.

Ordering signs can be overwhelming, especially if you aren't sure about what you’re looking for. It's why our team spends time with you to plan out your signs.

Enjoy professional, personable service from a team determined to offer exceptional value with every outdoor and indoor business sign.

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