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Create Branded Vinyl Floor Decals That Make Customers Go Wow

Choose from one of the largest selections of floor decals today, or design customized graphics for your business with Pacesetter Signs and Graphics. We print and prepare everything from custom floor stickers to advertising graphics and physical distancing stickers.

Maximize your return on investment--our graphics are durable, weather-resistant, and anti-slip! No wonder hundreds of businesses across Elkton, Maryland rely on us to improve safety and guide the way.

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    All Types of Floor Graphics Available in Elkton, Maryland

    What are Floor Graphics?

    These vinyl signs are designed to be installed on flooring, including wooden, marble, vinyl, tile, and laminate floors. Our signs don't shift or tear, thanks to strong adhesives and durable materials.

    Browse one of the largest selections of signs in the city:

    • Directional arrows
    • Promotional signs
    • Social distancing floor decals
    • Branding signs
    • Queuing signs
    • Room identification signs
    • Hazard signs
    • Seasonal signs
    • Floor decoration stickers

    Whether you need a single sign or a complete floor signage package, we're the team for you. We accept bulk and urgent orders.

    Design Custom Floor Graphics for Your Premises

    Make an impact with stunning custom floor graphics that show attention to detail. You'll work with a creative team that will help you design custom floor decals from scratch. Choose from a wide range of personalization options, including:

    • Size
    • Color
    • Logo
    • Message
    • Shape

    Complete your workplace branding--take advantage of in-house printing and expert designers to bring your dream signs to life.

    Make the Most of the Benefits and Uses of Floor Graphics

    Decorative and oh so functional! Our customers use floor vinyl stickers to:

    • Create large welcome graphics.
    • Provide guidance for queueing.
    • Showcase new products.
    • Highlight sales and new products.
    • Warn pedestrians of hazards.
    • Provide directions to aisles.
    • Ensure physical distancing.
    • Show wheelchair-accessible areas.
    Benefits and Uses of Vinyl Floor Stickers in Elkton, Maryland
    Custom Vinyl Floor Graphics & Decals for Offices in Elkton, Maryland

    Worry-Free, Maintenance-Free Vinyl Floor Decals

    Who said floor graphics tear often and peel easily? Definitely not us! Enjoy unmatched value when you work with us--we only use high-quality materials from suppliers like 3M and tested adhesives. Vacuum, polish, and wash your floors without worry.

    Get peace of mind that visitors won't trip on improperly installed signs, have us install them. Our team prepares floors and ensures proper installation, minimizing safety hazards.

    Cost-Effective Floor Graphics & Stickers for Every Elkton, Maryland Business

    Need hundreds or thousands of signs for your business? Enjoy incredible value from your vinyl signs--our signs are competitively priced and offer years of service.

    Our team will help you find options that keep the cost of floor graphics within budget while enhancing their utility.

    It's why we're trusted by:

    • Educational institutions
    • Retail stores
    • Healthcare providers
    • Professionals
    • Service providers
    • Manufacturers
    • Hotels
    • Condominiums
    • And many more Elkton, Maryland companies
    Custom Signs for Businesses in Elkton, Maryland

    Contact Us for Floor Graphics Installation in Elkton, Maryland

    Pacesetter Signs and Graphics is redefining the signage experience. Enjoy seamless project management with a team that's committed to customer satisfaction.

    Book a free consultation today and start designing stunning signs for your business.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are floor graphics made of?

    Floor graphics are made of vinyl sheets with an adhesive backing. We use specialized vinyl that’s anti-slip and fade-resistant for long-lasting performance. Beware, however, that not all vinyl is the same! Don’t use window vinyl graphics on the floor because they are not designed to handle the wear and tear of people walking on them.

    Are floor graphics effective?

    They must be effective because our customers order them in the hundreds! Floor graphics are great ways to control queuing at checkout, managing the flow of foot traffic, and promoting products. For instance, retailers—everyone from boutiques to supermarkets—use them to highlight sales, and guide people to the right section of the store.

    How long do floor graphics last?

    Depending on whether you install floor graphics indoors or outdoors, expect your graphics to last anywhere from six weeks to a couple of years. Our floor graphics are durable and fade-resistant, but their lifespan will be affected by environmental conditions, which is why you should make sure to tell us whether you’re going to use them indoors or outdoors.

    How do you apply floor graphics?

    Installing floor graphics is really straightforward. First, clean the floor surface thoroughly; any debris will make the sign look unsightly and wear it out faster. Also, make sure the floor is completely dry. Then, just peel off the protective backing and paste the sign on the floor. Here’s a top tip: start from one corner and apply the sign firmly with a squeegee.

    What material is used for floor stickers?

    Floor stickers are made of a special vinyl that’s prepared for floor use. Floor vinyl is tougher than ordinary vinyl decals, and it has a non-slip finish on it. Even if it gets wet, the floor sticker should not become slippery. We only source materials from top suppliers, like 3M and Oracal, for long-lasting vinyl.

    What type of vinyl is used for floor decals?

    Most vinyl suppliers have special floor and sidewalk vinyl films that are specifically designed for floor use. What’s special about them? They are slip-resistant, use strong adhesives to prevent peeling, and are strong enough to handle walking and cycling on them. We also use specialized printing for fade-resistant colors.

    What are floor decals?

    Floor decals are vinyl stickers you can install inside or outside your business. They are great for highlighting promotions, showing directions, and generally just growing brand awareness. The best part is that floor decals are completely customizable, meaning you can print any design, and cut them to any shape you want!

    Are floor stickers durable?

    Absolutely! So many of our customers have told us how they used just one set of floor stickers throughout the coronavirus pandemic to maintain physical distancing. Expect your stickers to last anywhere from six weeks to over a couple of years, depending on the kind of wear and tear they get.

    Can you use vinyl wraps on floors?

    You can and you should! Vinyl wraps are a great way to decorate the floor, hide flaws in flooring, improve safety, and maximize sales. Our customers use them for everything from highlighting promotions to showing directions.

    If you’re not sure what kinds of floor graphics you can get and where you should install them, talk to us today.

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