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Custom Business Outdoor Signage That Helps You Get Leads

Grow brand awareness, attract potential customers, and maximize sales with impactful outdoor signs. Work with a top signage team in Philadelphia to bring your dream signs to life.

Pacesetter Signs and Graphics makes getting signs truly turn key; we:

  • Design stunning signage
  • Build and print signs
  • Install signs

Customize signs exactly as you want to with a full manufacturing unit and expert craftspeople. We help our customers create attractive designs that generate leads.

Book a complimentary consultation with a signage expert near Philadelphia to discuss your needs.


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    Find the Right Types of Outdoor Signs for Your Business

    Don't settle for signs that are "good enough"; find the ideal signs that help you maximize marketing potential. Browse a large selection of pre-designed signs, or order personalized signs.

    Choose from a wide range of portable, temporary, and permanent signs.

    Temporary/Portable Signs

    • A-frame (sandwich) boards
    • Vinyl banners
    • Real estate signs
    • Feather flags
    • Yard signs
    • H-frame signs

    Long-Term Signs

    • Signboards
    • Outdoor metal signs
    • Lightbox signs
    • LED exterior lighted signs
    • Dimensional and channel letters
    • Monument signs
    • Digital displays
    • Hanging signs
    • Post and pole signs
    • Pylons

    They are not just signs-they are extensions of your branding. Work with a leading full-service signage company for personalized signs to maximize your brand.

    Ordering Exterior Signage Is as Easy as 1-2-3

    Leave the heavy lifting to the experts and focus on growing your business. Work with a team committed to making your signage experience seamless and maximizing the value you receive.

    Ordering signs is as easy as 1 - 2 - 3

    • Talk to us - Book a complimentary on-site consultation to discuss your signs. We will suggest options, assess your space, and start preparing designs.
    • Approve your signs – We will share digital proofs to make sure you are happy with the design and send them for preparation.
    • Sit back and relax – We will deliver signs to your office and take care of the installation from start to finish.

    Say no to sleepless nights--our team will keep you posted on lead times, assist with permits, and provide after-sales support.

    What Is Outdoor Signage?

    If you are looking to get your brand and business noticed, it's hard to beat outdoor business signs. They can be installed on the building, on the roof, or even be self-standing.

    Make the most of the benefits and uses of outdoor signs:

    • Make an impact in your community.
    • Advertise new products, sales, and offers.
    • Show shoppers where you are located.
    • Shine the spotlight on your brand.
    Eye-Catching Outdoor Signage for Businesses in Philadelphia, PA

    Bring Your Vision to Life with Custom Outdoor Signs

    Stop your business from blending into the background--get personalized exterior building signs. Wow customers with creative designs and signs that make your business stand out. Customize all aspects of the sign, including its:

    • Design
    • Graphics
    • Materials
    • Size
    • Illumination
    • Installation

    Who said custom signs have to be expensive? Certainly not us! Enjoy exceptional value and quality with a team that helps keep the cost of outdoor signs within budget.

    Outdoor Business Graphics

    Market your business effectively and at short notice with graphics. Choose from a wide range of outdoor banners, flags, and window graphics to highlight promotions and events.

    Enjoy seamless service from a team that designs, prints, ships, and installs graphics. Whether you need a single banner or thousands for a city-wide campaign, we are the exterior signage company for you.

    Building Signage

    Show off your business's name proudly with the most trusted partner for outdoor signs in Philadelphia. We are the go-to company for top businesses in the city, including property managers, REITs, educational institutions, transit companies, and more.

    Design and install signs displaying your business name, logo, crest, address, and branding. Browse and personalize one of the largest selections of outdoor signs in Philadelphia.

    Channel Letter Signs

    Elevate ambiance with some of the most premium business outdoor signage you can get. Create a stunning effect with hundreds of materials, lighting options, styles, and customization options to choose from.

    Enjoy personal attention from a team that spends time understanding your needs and brings your dream outdoor business signage to life.

    Real Estate Signs

    Get listings noticed, promote your brand, and grow your real estate business confidently. Choose from one of the largest selections of signage, including Open House signs, For Sale and Sold signs, property flags and banners, and more.

    No settling for standard here--we can customize every sign with your branding.

    Monument Signs

    Make an impact in your community, make your business unmissable! Take marketing to the next level with these large signs that you can customize to your heart's content. Convey a sense of solidity with stone signs, showcase business names with large directories, or present a contemporary image with metal signs.

    Work with an experienced team that designs, installs, and maintains signs. We will also assist you with getting city permits for your sign if required.

    Traffic Signs

    Need to manage a large parking space and driveways? Control the flow and traffic and manage parking lots day or night with personalized traffic signs. Get standard designs that mimic typical road signs or create customized options that reflect your branding.

    We have everything from reflective strips to Stop signs and reserved parking signs. Order a single or book a consultation to prepare a personalized signage plan for your space.

    Commercial Yard Signs in Philadelphia, PA

    What Local Outdoor Business Signs Should You Get?

    Not sure what types of signs you should get for your business? Book a complimentary consultation to talk to us about your business. We will help you identify signs that will deliver value, create branded designs, and make your signage journey a breeze.

    Benefits of Outdoor Business Signage

    When over 50% of people say they won't even step foot in a business if it doesn't have smart business outdoor signage, you can't afford to be cavalier with yours. Here's how our customers use outdoor signs at their businesses:

    1. Promoting ongoing sales, discounts, and product launches.
    2. Displaying seasonal decor and discounts.
    3. Making a great first impression on potential customers.
    4. Helping the business stand out from the competition.
    5. Allowing people to find the business easily.
    6. Attracting customers with appealing signs.

    Unlock the full potential of your signs with an experienced partner and a passionate team. We don't just build signs; we create signs that help you generate business! Enjoy personal attention and personalized signs every time–whether you're ordering a complete sign package or a single sign.

    Are You Making the Best Use of Outdoor Signs in Philadelphia?

    Outdoor signage for business is one of the powerful ways to grow your brand--too bad most businesses don't know how. Here's how you can use your signs for maximum impact:

    • Advertise ongoing sales, promotions, and new product launches.
    • Showcase your business name and branding prominently.
    • Attract customers with striking designs and stunning lighting effects.
    • Unlock new revenue streams with third-party advertising.
    • Engage customers with regularly updated banners.
    • Direct visitors around your property with directional and traffic signage.

    Not sure how you can use signs and what signs to get? You're not alone. Work with the leading team for local outdoor business signs and unlock the full potential of your signs.

    Outdoor freestanding pylon sign for bar business fabricated in Philadelphia

    Your Go-To Company for Outdoor Signs Near Philadelphia

    You can stop searching for "outdoor signs near me" and work with the leading sign team serving Philadelphia. Take advantage of professional service from an experienced team and make ordering signage seamless.

    Schedule an on-site consultation today to get started.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the best material for outdoor signs?

    That really depends on the type of sign you are getting, but two of the most popular materials for outdoor signs are aluminum and vinyl. Aluminum looks premium, is lightweight, and offers excellent durability. Vinyl is similarly durable and a great option for flexible signs, such as banners. Both aluminum and vinyl are incredibly customizable, meaning you can create signs that match your vision exactly.

    What is the purpose of outdoor signs?

    Our customers use outdoor signs for:

    • Displaying the business’s name prominently.
    • Growing brand awareness.
    • Attracting clients and customers.
    • Building confidence with potential customers.
    • Advertising products and services.

    Make sure you have a clear idea of what you expect your outdoor sign to do; that will help you optimize its design and messaging.

    What are the types of outdoor signs?

    There are far too many outdoor signs for us to list here, but some of the most popular ones are:

    • Storefront signs
    • Sandwich board signs
    • Vinyl banners
    • Window graphics
    • Building signs
    • Channel letters

    Not sure which outdoor sign to get? You’re not alone; it’s why we spend time with customers to understand your needs, identify cost-effective options, and design customized signs.

    What are signs outside of buildings called?

    If you mean the signs that are installed on buildings, usually above the front entrance, then they are called storefront signs or building signs. They come in a variety of styles, such as:

    • Lightbox signs – A simple illuminated box with lettering
    • Channel letters – Large 3D letters with stunning lighting
    • Hanging signs – Installed perpendicular to the building with a hanging sign face
    Why is exterior signage important?
    Exterior signs are some of the most important you can get for your business. They are the first visual touchpoint for the business and can make or break the customer journey. Premium-looking, well-designed signs can build confidence and drive customers. Signs have also been proven to influence purchase decisions, meaning you should pay attention to your exterior signage.
    How long do outdoor signs last?

    Expect a storefront sign to last anywhere from 10 to 15 years, while vinyl signs can last anywhere from four months to around two years. How long your signs last depends on weather conditions, the materials used, and craftsmanship.

    It’s why we only use top-shelf materials from reputed suppliers like 3M and ULine, and signs go through extensive quality control to ensure a hassle-free ownership experience for you.

    What are outdoor signs printed on?

    Outdoor signs can be printed on a variety of materials, including vinyl, coroplast, expanded PVC, and aluminum. Note that not all materials will offer the same longevity, which is why you should carefully consider what you expect your sign to achieve. For instance, coroplast signs aren’t expected to last more than a few weeks (up to a few months), while aluminum signs can perform flawlessly for years at a time.

    Where to get outdoor signs in Philadelphia?

    This is going to sound immodest, but the best place for outdoor signs in Philadelphia is right here at Pacesetter Signs and Graphics. You will work with a creative team that loves to create stunning signs that help you grow your business. Expect nothing less than exceptional service and transparent pricing, which make your signage experience a pleasure!

    What is the best vinyl for outdoor signs?

    Companies like 3M and Oracal offer a wide range of vinyl options for outdoor use; but what’s the difference? Each option is optimized for different conditions and offers unique properties. For instance, 3M’s Scotchcal and Oracal’s 651 vinyl sheets are popular outdoor signage options. To identify the right vinyl for your application, speak to us today.

    How long does it take to create outdoor signage?

    Creating outdoor signs can take anywhere from 3 days to 4-6 weeks, depending on the type of sign you need, its complexity, and if any special materials are required. We can print signs in a matter of days, but larger signs can take longer to prepare because of supplier lead times. To get an accurate time estimate for your signs, talk to us.

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