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December 22, 2023
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The Ultimate Guide to Wrapping a Vehicle : Everything You Need to Know

Considering elevating your marketing strategy by wrapping a vehicle for your business? Wraps are an easy way to optimize your fleet, advertise to a wide audience, and grow your brand presence. Let this guide navigate you through the decision process to invest in vehicle wraps. We'll cover the steps and considerations involved in vehicle wraps.

What Does Wrapping a Vehicle Mean?

Vehicle wraps are made from thin vinyl sheets. They can fully outfit the vehicle or parts of it, using individual decals or graphics. The versatility of vinyl allows designs, messages, and patterns to be printed and applied directly to the body of your company vehicles. A wrap can last for years, with the proper maintenance, and can be removed at any point.

What Are the Benefits of Wrapping a Vehicle?

  • Gain Visibility: 3M estimates that wrapped vehicles can generate as many as 16 million impressions every year in a big city such as Philadelphia!
  • Customization: You can customize your wraps with any design, image, or message to boost your advertising or branding.
  • Cost-Effective: Unlike a TV ad or a billboard, there are no recurring fees associated with keeping a wrap installed.
  • Vehicle Protection: Wraps protect the original bodywork of a vehicle from sun damage and minor scuffs or scratches.

Planning Your Vehicle Wrap

To make the most of your wrap, it is important to optimize its design by having clear goals. Here are a few factors to consider:

  • Set Clear Goals: Know whether you'll use your wrap for branding, marketing, or sharing information. The design used for each of these purposes will be slightly different, which means having one clear goal is better than trying to accomplish too much and diluting the impact of the wrap.
  • Budget: There are a variety of wrap options that we can explore, so having a set budget allows us to narrow down the right option for you quickly. When investing in wraps, consider the cost of printing, installation, and ongoing minor maintenance.
  • Professional design: Make sure your signage partner has a professional design team on hand. They'll be able to craft branded, effective designs, as well as guide you on what information to include to target your ideal customers.
  • Branding: Personalize your wrap’s design so it embodies your brand. This can be accomplished by using your brand-specific colors, logo, tagline, and more.

Installation To-Dos

The appearance and longevity of a wrap can depend on the team you work with. Consider the following elements to ensure you have a seamless signage experience:

  • Professional team: Find and work with a reputable professional team that has experience installing wraps. They should provide all services necessary to complete wrapping a vehicle and create a positive customer service experience.
  • Scheduling: The act of wrapping a vehicle only takes a few hours, but it also needs time to be cured properly. Make sure your installer takes your business's schedule into consideration to minimize the amount of time your vehicle is out of commission.
  • Inspection: Check your wrap carefully once it's installed. If you notice any gaps or bubbling, bring it to the attention of your team immediately.

Legal Considerations in Philadelphia

Though you have a lot of freedom in design, there are a few legal considerations. These relate to visibility, public indecency, and Department of Transport (DoT) regulations, and include:

  • DoT regulations: Make sure that the wrap doesn't hide legally required stickers or markings on your vehicle.
  • Visibility: Windows can have films and perforated wraps, but they must allow a minimum amount of light into the vehicle.
  • Signage requirements: Wraps cannot display obscenities or harmful messages.

Brand Your Vehicles Effortlessly

Get started on your wrapping journey with one of the leading signage partner in Philadelphia. At Pacesetter Signs and Graphics, we ensure a seamless experience wrapping your vehicle. Book a free consultation to discuss your needs and get started.

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