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Eye-Catching Commercial Signs That Help You Generate Leads

Grow brand awareness, boost morale, and maximize sales with premium signs. Work with a leading team in Philadelphia to keep the cost of business signs within budget and get real value from your investment.

Don't settle for off-the-shelf templates that make you look downmarket, design the signs of your dreams. Choose from thousands of styles, finishes, materials, lighting, and other options for the ideal signs.

  • In-house design and manufacturing.
  • High-quality materials for years of hassle-free ownership.
  • Project managed and exceptional customer service.

Enjoy professional service from a leading sign company for corporate signs around the Philadelphia area. Schedule a complimentary consultation to discuss designs, get pricing, and find out how we make getting signs seamless.


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    The Largest Selection of Business Signs Near Philadelphia

    Browse a wide range of styles and find the ideal signs for your business. Pacesetter Signs and Graphics offers a comprehensive customization service.

    We have all types of business signs, including:

    Interior business signs

    Exterior business signs

    • Dimensional letters
    • Channel letters
    • Blade signs
    • Storefront signboards
    • A-Frame signs
    • Storefront window graphics
    • Vinyl banners
    • Pylon signs
    • H-Frame signs
    • Hanging signs
    • Brochure holders

    Don't know what Philadelphia-area business signs you should get? Book a free on-site consultation and get honest, transparent advice from an experienced sign professional.

    Work with One of the Top Companies for Business Signs Near You Serving the Philadelphia Are

    Worried about poor quality signs, bad after-sales support, and disruption to your business? Pacesetter Signs and Graphics is redefining the signage experience:

    Take advantage of extensive training in the industry.

    • High-quality materials from major suppliers like 3M and ULine.
    • Responsive support and maintenance services.
    • Flexible pricing, no hidden fees, and ethical business.

    Work with one of the most trusted commercial sign companies near you that's committed to making your experience seamless.

    Yard Directional Sign

    Make the Most of the Benefits and Uses of Business Signs

    What is business signage? These signs are used for everything from advertising products to growing brand awareness. Our customers use signs to:

    • Attract customers with eye-catching signs.
    • Enhance ambiance with creative lighting.
    • Make the business appear upscale.
    • Provide information about the business.
    • Comply with ADA and accessibility bylaws.
    • Help visitors navigate the premises.
    • And do so much more.
    Ada Braille Signs

    Go-To Sign Company for Philadelphia-area Business Signs

    Whether you're ordering signs for a small business or a large commercial space, we're the team for you. We'll take care of all the heavy lifting so you can focus on growing your business.

    Pacesetter Signs and Graphics brings a long list of satisfied customers across the city, including retail and mall stores, hospitals, schools, utility companies, and government buildings across Pennsylvania.

    Book a consultation to discuss custom business signs for your Philadelphia-area business. We'll spend time with you to understand your needs, what you're trying to achieve, and options that will deliver the best value.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are business signs?

    ‘Business signs’ is a term that covers a wide variety of indoor and outdoor signs that you’ll find at businesses. They can be storefront signs, channel letter signs, lobby signs, door signs, and more. Business signs typically include the business’s logo, name, and brand colors.

    What is the purpose of business signs?

    Business signs are primarily used for three things:

    • Advertising – Promoting offers, new products and services, and the business.
    • Branding – Creating a branded workspace, and branding product packaging.
    • Wayfinding – Providing visitors with directions to different parts of the building.

    Make sure you know exactly the purpose or intent of your signs for, so you can optimize them effectively.

    What does signage mean in business?

    Signage for businesses refers to a bevy of indoor, outdoor, and portable signs that help businesses grow their reach. Some signs are better suited for advertising—such as storefront window decals—others, like entrance signs, help identify your business on a busy main street.

    Not sure what types of signs you should get for your business? Talk to a signage professional about your needs.

    Do business signs work?

    Absolutely! Business signs have been proven to draw in more customers and drive up sales. A FedEx survey found 76% of Americans visit a store solely because they liked its signage; 68% made a purchase because a sign caught their attention.

    To make the most of your signs, have a clear idea of why you’re getting them. That will help you optimize the design, message, and style.

    What kind of business is a sign business?

    A sign business, like Pacesetter Signs, is a company that specializes in building commercial signs. A sign company will work with all types of organizations, including mom-and-pop shops, offices, healthcare providers, educational institutions, and more.

    Do your due diligence before you settle on a sign company: they may all seem alike, but only the best offer high-quality signs at affordable prices.

    What should a business sign include?

    Every business sign must take into account three essential elements:

    • Design – Including colors, graphics, shapes, and styles.
    • Branding – Either your logo, brand colors, or other thematic elements.
    • Text – A short message that entices audiences and conveys your message.

    Designing a sign for the first time can seem daunting; that’s why so many businesses trust our team to come up with creative, branded designs.

    What are the benefits of using business signage?

    Business signs are some of the most powerful, cost-effective forms of advertising for businesses. They can help:

    • Grow brand awareness in your community.
    • Highlight promotions and new product launches.
    • Provide directions around your premises.
    • And do so much more.

    One sign, one purpose: if you ask a sign to do all three at once, it will lose impact.

    How do you make business signage?

    The first step in creating every business sign is design. We sit with you to understand your needs and create personalized designs. After that, our team sources materials, prepares the sign housing, and, if required, adds LED lighting to the sign. Finally, our team applies sealants to make the sign water-tight.

    What is the cost of making business signage?

    That’s a really tricky question to answer because there are so many business signs to choose from—everything from small tabletop signs to large storefront signs. Talk to our team to find out how much your business signs will cost.

    Where can I find a business sign maker in Maryland?

    If you’re looking for a reliable business sign maker in Maryland that makes high-quality signs at competitive prices, you’re at the right place already! Pacesetter Signs is the go-to company for establishments such as retail stores, hotels, hospitals, transit companies, and many more.

    Book a free consultation to discuss signs for your business with a professional.

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