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Refresh Your Space with Philadelphia Wall Murals

Brand your office, excite customers, and boost morale with eye-catching graphics. We'll help you transform your space easily and affordably. Any style, any design--our team will bring your dream murals to life.

Beat the hassle of repainting walls, which can be expensive and time-consuming. Office wall murals can be installed in less than an hour and don't leave noxious fumes behind.

Work with a creative team that doesn't just print stickers--we help businesses like yours make spaces pop. Schedule a complimentary consultation to discuss your needs with an expert.


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    We Design, Print, and Install All Types of Mural Wallpapers

    Whether you're looking for large 3D wallpaper in Philadelphia to decorate the premises or wayfinding stickers, we've got the perfect ones for you. Choose from a wide range of styles, including:

    • Wallpaper murals
    • Glass window and door and window stickers
    • Ceiling murals
    • 3D wall murals
    • Individual cut letters

    What is a wall mural? Vinyl murals are made of vinyl sheets that have your design printed on them. These can be adhered to any smooth, flat surface, making them a great decorative option.

    Our business wall murals use strong, safe adhesives that don't chip paint or damage plasterboard. That means you don't have to worry about losing your security deposit when it comes time to move.

    Design Custom Wall Wraps for Your Philadelphia Business

    Make a stunning first impression on visitors, boost employee morale, and complement your office decor with personalized wall wraps in Philadelphia. Here's how businesses across Philadelphia are using wraps:

    • Skylines: Amaze clients and customers with the scale of your business using skylines of the cities where you have offices. From New York's Empire State Building to The Gateway Arch in St. Louis, we can design cityscapes in stunning detail.
    • Photograph Wall: Create a collage of team events, conferences, trade shows, memorable occasions, and more on a photo wall. Don't know where to get pictures? Our team can collect them from your social handles and share design options with you.
    • Timeline: Tell your story through personalized timelines for the business. Include photographs and graphics, choose from a wide range of styles, and design your timeline to reflect your business.
    • Major Milestones: Highlight major achievements and create showpiece walls to show off your business’ awards with personalized wall murals. Work with an experienced design team that spends time understanding your goals and preferences.
    • Branding: Tastefully brand your office with custom, environmentally-friendly wallpaper that reflects your branding. Talk to us about an interior design plan, get ideas, and find out how you can transform bland rooms into stunning spaces.
    • Directions: Guide visitors around the premises safely with wayfinding murals. From simple directional arrows to color-coordinated stripes, we do it all! Speak to a signage expert to learn where you should install signs, and how you can stay on the right side of the ADA.

    Benefits of and Uses for Wall Murals

    More customizable than paint, far less fuss, and much less expensive, vinyl is transforming office decoration in Philadelphia. From large vistas and famous artworks to simple business branding, our customers use murals for:

    • Redecorating the office quickly without spending days watching paint dry.
    • Saving the cost of paint and painters.
    • "Repainting" the office quickly and affordably.
    • Protecting walls from spills and scratches.
    • Maximizing branding and advertising opportunities.

    Got a unique idea for your office wallpaper? Tell us about it! We love working on creative projects and bringing your vision to life.

    Benefits and Uses of Wall Murals & Stickers in Philadelphia, PA
    Decorative Exterior Vinyl Graphics for KRZBRG36

    Designing Graphics for Your Space Couldn't Be Easier

    Buying vinyl graphics isn't like picking up stuff off the rack--all of our murals are designed to meet your needs and specifications. You can customize every aspect of the mural to make it unique, including:

    • Finish
    • Text
    • Size
    • Colors
    • Design
    • Graphics

    With thousands of interior wall murals to choose from, it's easy to get overwhelmed. That's why our team will spend time with you to understand your vision and make recommendations. We don't just design graphics to look good, our vinyl wallpaper is designed to perform.

    Why Businesses Choose Us for Custom Wall Murals in Philadelphia

    Pacesetter Signs and Graphics is redefining the signage experience in Philadelphia. Our customers look to us for:
    • A turnkey signage experience that lets you focus on growing your business.
    • A creative team that spends time understanding your needs.
    • Professional installers who get the job done right the first time.
    • High-quality materials and digital printing.
    • Safe adhesives that can be used on wood, brick walls, plasterboard, and glass surfaces.
    • Transparent, flexible pricing and no hidden fees.

    Transform Your Space with Vinyl Wall Wraps & Coverings

    • Main Street Offices: Make your office stand out with large artwork, custom designs, and branding using wall murals. We work with accountants, law firms, and other professionals to decorate waiting rooms, conference rooms, lobbies, and more.
    • Restaurants: Complete the experience with cost-effective murals. Use them to turn a bland wall into a brick wall, show off your menu, and do so much to make every experience a memorable one.
    • Salons: Show off a catalog of cuts, display trending styles, and get the conversation flowing with large photo murals. Find and include photos from your phone, social media, and the internet (as long as you have the copyright!).
    • Schools, Colleges, and Universities: Transform classrooms and lecture theatres with large educational wall murals. They are ideal for showing off everything from the solar system to artwork!
    • Daycares: Create a friendly space children love to spend time in with wraps in Philadelphia. We print and install large vinyl letters, graphics, complete wall murals, and more. Make sure yours are installed by professionals so they can withstand the wear and tear of a busy daycare.
    Wall Murals & Graphics for Offices in Philadelphia, PA

    Talk to Us About Decorative Wall Murals for Your Office

    Enjoy professional service from an experienced team that makes getting signs easy. Take advantage of a full-service fabrication shop and printing facilities to bring your dream signs to life. We'll take care of everything, including:

    • Design
    • Printing
    • Installation
    • Repairs
    • Removal

    Get the most value from your marketing budget--we will help you identify options that keep the cost of wall murals within budget. For us, the project isn't complete until you love your signage.

    Book an appointment with experienced wall mural installers near you to discuss office mural ideas for your Philadelphia business.

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    Wall Wrap Print and Install Across Philadelphia and PA!

    Enjoy professional wall mural design, print, and installation services across Pennsylvania when you work with us. We are the go-to signage partner for businesses across the state.

    Our team is available over the phone and for in-person visits if required. We routinely ship signs to businesses across the state. Trust a professional team to install your wraps with minimal fuss and downtime.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are wall murals?

    Wall murals are large vinyl wall graphics used to display artwork, abstract designs, “repaint” the wall, and do so much more. They are cost-effective, mess-free ways to transform a space. The best part is that you can customize every aspect of wall murals, including their size, style, shape, design, and finish.

    What are the different types of murals?

    If we tried listing all the different types of murals, the list would be miles long. Wall murals are incredibly customizable and virtually no two murals are alike (unless you want them to be). That said, some of the most common murals are:

    • Artwork murals
    • Photograph murals
    • Skyline murals
    • Timeline murals
    What are wall murals made of?

    Wall murals are made of polyvinyl chloride, better known as vinyl. Vinyl is a soft, flexible material that makes a great canvas for printing on. You can print almost any design on vinyl, cut it to the desired shape, and paste it almost anywhere. Vinyl also hits the sweet spot of cost, durability, and appearance, making it ideal for wall murals.

    What is the purpose of wall murals?

    Though wall murals come in all shapes, sizes, and designs, they are usually used for one of four things:

    • Promoting the brand and building brand awareness.
    • Highlighting sales, discounts, and new products.
    • Displaying the company’s achievements.
    • Providing directions to visitors.

    To make the most of your wall murals, make sure you optimize the design for no more than one or two of these things.

    How do you use wall murals?

    Our customers use wall murals for everything, including showing photographs of their teams out for events, displaying artwork prominently (ones they have copyright to), and branding the workspace tastefully.

    If you’re not sure how you can use wall murals, talk to our team today. We’ll help you identify inspiring ideas and create branded designs.

    How long do murals last?

    Expect your murals to last anywhere from 2 to 5 years. That said, the lifespan of the wall mural depends heavily on the conditions in which it is installed. Large temperature swings, exposure to moisture, prolonged exposure to sunlight and certain types of indoor office lighting can fade murals prematurely. Tell our team where you will be installing your murals so we can choose the right vinyl for your intended use.

    How much do wall murals cost in Philadelphia, PA?

    Wall murals are some of the most cost-effective ways to transform your office space. Small wall murals in Philadelphia, PA start from as little as $69.99, while murals for the largest spaces can cost up to $1,199.99. To find out how much your wall murals will cost, talk to us. Our team will help you identify options that add value, not just inflate the invoice.

    Are wall murals reusable?

    Typically, once a wall mural is removed, it tends to warp; that and the leftover adhesive makes wall murals mostly unsuitable for reuse. That said, if you have wall murals professionally installed, it is possible that the team may be able to salvage the mural for reuse.

    Talk to us to book a removal and have an expert determine if your wall mural can be reused.

    Which material is required to make murals?

    Murals are printed on vinyl, a popular material used for wall and window graphics. Vinyl is a great canvas for printing designs on, as it is flexible and comes in a variety of finishes.

    Our team selects the most appropriate vinyl based on where you plan to install your mural. We only work with the top suppliers, such as 3M, Oracal, and Avery.

    Where can I find a wall mural company in Philadelphia, PA?

    If you’re looking for the best wall mural company in Philadelphia, PA, you’re already at the right place! It will come across as immodest, but we are the leading team for wall murals because of our commitment to quality signs and exceptional customer service.

    It’s not just that our signs look great; we also ensure a hassle-free experience for our customers.

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