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It's not unusual to see car wraps on the streets of Philadelphia, PA. Whether it's on work trucks and commercial vans, or it's a fun Philadelphia Eagles car wrap on somebody's family car, you may have seen these mobile signs on I-95 or in the neighborhood around Franklin Park. Especially in the more densely populated parts of town, advertising wraps for cars make an ideal way to reach thousands of potential customers a day.

What Is a Car Wrap?

Car wraps are flexible vinyl films that cover all or part of a vehicle with an advertising message you design for yourself or your business. Most wraps can be applied in just minutes without special equipment or adhesives. You can put almost anything on your car wrap, like advertising messages, logos, and even pictures, which helps you get your brand message out to the public wherever you drive.


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    Benefits of Vinyl Car Wraps & Graphics

    In addition to excellent mobile brand messaging, car wrapping solutions work great for raising your business' profile with the public, attracting new customers, and even kick starting a social media presence you can use to grow. Car wrap options run from single-panel films that put your company name and phone number on the side of your car, which is a simple and very affordable choice, to full-vehicle wraps that use colorful graphics to craft a brand presence the way you want to be seen.

    Another benefit to vinyl car wraps in Philadelphia is the increased efficiency over traditional signage. In the city especially, business owners have to put in a lot of work to get a permanent sign in front of the establishment.

    Car wraps get around that by putting your company message on a moving vehicle that isn't subject to the same rules as getting a sign built in front of your premises. That alone makes the relatively low cost of car wraps much more efficient than sidewalk-facing billboards.   

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    Car Wrap Experts in Philadelphia, PA

    Pacesetter Signs and Graphics is a great choice for getting the best car wraps in Philadelphia. We can take your ideas and help you turn them into fleshed out ideas you can get printed on a bright, colorful car wrap that gets noticed by the public. We use high-quality vinyl materials to produce everything from single panel signs to full-vehicle wraps that make the best use of the available space on your car without obstructing your view or affecting your ability to drive.

    If you own or operate a business in the Philadelphia area, and you've got anything from a single car to a fleet of company vehicles, call or contact us today for a free quote on car wraps to get your brand the attention it deserves.

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