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Premium Vehicle Wraps in Philadelphia

Shift your marketing into a higher gear with custom vehicle wraps that show off your branding. We'll help you transform your commercial vehicles into mobile billboards, promote services, and generate leads.

Turn heads with professional, premium commercial wraps from the top vinyl wraps specialists near Philadelphia:

  • Full-service vehicle wrapping for businesses.
  • In-house design, printing, and installation.
  • State-wide installation and support.
  • Order a single wrap or get graphics fleet-wide.

Work with a team that understands your market and your priorities. Our wraps don't just look stunning, they'll help you grow your business.

Book a complimentary to discuss your needs with a leading vehicle wrap shop serving Philadelphia.


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    Get Real Value from One of the Most Impactful Forms of Outdoor Marketing

    Get millions of impressions every year with vehicle wraps near Philadelphia--that's the kind of return on investment TV, radio, and magazine ads can't match!

    If it drives, we can wrap it--we design and install almost all types of vehicle wraps:

    • Cars
    • SUVs
    • Pickups
    • Vans
    • Trucks
    • Trailers
    • Long-haul trucks
    • Snowmobiles
    • Heavy machinery
    • Agricultural equipment
    • ATVs
    • Lawnmowers
    • Ice cream and food trucks
    • Motorcycle and bicycles

    Enjoy years of fade-free, tear-resistant performance when you work with the most trusted company for vehicle wraps near you in the Philly area. We only use high-quality wraps from suppliers like Avery, Oracal, and 3M.

    Ordering Wraps for Your Vehicles Is as Easy as 1-2-3

    Whether you're looking for tasteful designs or something to put the "Fast and Furious" franchise to shame, Pacesetter Signs and Graphics is the team for you. We'll guide you through the entire process from start to finish:

    1. Create Designs - Send us your design or tell us to create options for you. We'll show you how designs will look on a computer before you finalize your order.
    2. We'll Prepare the Wraps - We print graphics in-house using next-gen digital printing and high-quality vinyl.
    3. Schedule Installation - We'll find a convenient time for you to install the graphic. Wraps are installed in-house by experienced professionals who will treat your vehicle with respect.

    If you don't drive away satisfied, the project isn't complete for us. Customer satisfaction is our top priority, so we'll go the extra mile to ensure you're happy with your custom auto wraps near Philadelphia.

    Find the Ideal Custom Vinyl Wraps for Your Vehicles

    Whether you just want to protect the paintwork from debris or dazzle onlookers with vinyl wraps in Philadelphia and the surrounding area, we're the right place. Choose from a wide range of vinyl car wraps, including:

    • Vehicle lettering
    • Window decals
    • Clear film
    • Window tinting
    • Graphics
    • Body panel decals
    • Full body wraps
      (Please be advised the full vehicle wraps have 95% coverage)

    Tired of hearing "We can't do that"? With complete printing facilities and an in-house fabrication unit in Philadelphia, we'll bring your dream designs to life. Benefit from the expertise of a team that works with you to find options that keep the cost of vehicle wraps in Philadelphia and the surrounding area within budget while maximizing value.

    Custom Vinyl Wraps for Vehicles in Philadelphia, PA

    Get on the Road to Success with Vehicle Graphics and Decals near Philadelphia

    Get noticed in the city, advertise products, or just brand your vehicle proudly with commercial vehicle wraps. Wraps are great for:

    • Changing the color of the vehicle quickly.
    • Showing information about the business.
    • Promoting your social media and the online stores.
    • Protecting the paintwork from scuffs and scratches.
    • Potentially raising the resale price of vehicles.

    Turn heads and get the phone ringing off the hook with an experienced shop for vinyl wraps near you.

    Custom Graphics and Decals for Boats in Philadelphia, PA

    Your One-Stop Vinyl Wrap Shop in Philadelphia and the Surrounding Area

    No more weeks waiting to hear back, no more hidden charges, no making you run around for signs--Pacesetter Signs and Graphics is redefining the signage experience in Philadelphia.

    It's why we've become the go-to partner for businesses across the city, including small businesses, healthcare providers, utility companies, real estate agents, and marketing companies.

    Book a consultation today to discuss attractive, affordable car wraps near Philadelphia.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How long does a wrap last on a vehicle?

    With a little care and attention, your wraps can last anywhere from two to six years. If wraps are installed properly, they are unlikely to peel unless you wash them with a pressure washer or are involved in a collision. Note that prolonged exposure to the sun can cause premature fading, and extreme temperatures can damage the vinyl.

    What does a wrap do for a vehicle?

    A wrap can do a lot for your vehicle, including:

    • Transform it into a mobile billboard for your business.
    • Protect it from minor scuffs and scratches.
    • Prevent minor dents from stone chips and debris.
    • Reduce the risk of rusting and paintwork damage.
    • Increase resale value when it comes time to sell.
    Is it worth to wrap your vehicle?

    Our customers certainly seem to think so. We wrap vehicles for everyone from small businesses to large companies with fleets of hundreds of vehicles. If you’re worried that wraps will make your vehicle look unprofessional, it’s possible you’ve been watching too many Fast and Furious movies. Business wraps are smart, and show off your branding proudly.

    Can you wash a wrapped car?

    Absolutely, you can wash a wrapped car like you would any other car; you can even take it to a car wash. You should know, however, that repeated exposure to harsh cleaning agents can damage the wrap over time and cause inks to fade. And there’s one other no-no: pressure washers (because they can cause ripping).

    Does a vehicle wrap ruin paint?

    We don’t know where you may have heard this, but that’s just not the case. In fact, vehicle wraps protect paintwork from scratches and scuffs. Why else would so many owners of sports cars have their vehicles wrapped? We use safe adhesives (from companies like 3M and Avery) that don’t damage the paintwork.

    How much does a vehicle wrap cost?

    As a general rule, even a full body wrap for your vehicle will cost less than the price of a basic paint job. Small vinyl letters can start from as little as $80 and go up to around $3,500 for complete body wraps. Labor charges, taxes, and incidentals are not included with that price, so it’s best to reach out to our team for an exact quote.

    How long does a vehicle wrap last in the sun?

    The sun is the worst enemy of the vehicle wrap! Wraps that can last anywhere from six to ten years tend to start showing signs of fading in half that time if they’re left out in the sun regularly. The sun’s UV rays damage the inks on the wrap, causing discoloration and fading. Parking in the shade won’t just keep your car cool, it’ll save the wrap too!

    How difficult is it to remove a vehicle wrap?

    Wraps are easy to remove, but not so simple that anyone can remove them without effort. You don’t need any special tools to remove a vehicle wrap, except a heat gun. The heat gun softens the glue and makes it that much easier to remove the wrap. That said, wrap removal can take hours if you’re doing it alone. Thus, it’s much better if you get a professional sign company to do it.

    What color vinyl lasts longest?

    It’s not the color that matters; rather, it matters what type of vinyl you have used. Vinyl from major suppliers like 3M, Avery, and Oracal are generally more fade resistant because of a higher quality construction. We also use digital printing and fade-resistant inks to maximize the life of the wrap.

    Are vehicle wraps waterproof?

    If by waterproof you mean whether they can handle rain and snow, then yes. Vehicle wraps are not damaged by rain or water spills. However, prolonged exposure to moisture, such as having part of the wrap submerged, can damage inks and cause the wrap to warp. If you won’t be using a wrapped vehicle for a long time, it’s a good practice to keep it parked out of the rain.

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