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November 28, 2023
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The ROI of Wrap on a Truck How It Can Boost Your Business

Wraps on a truck make it look appealing, turn heads, and allow businesses to share key marketing messages. But do they really boost your business? In this blog, we'll tell you how truck wraps are essential marketing tools that help you raise your bottom line.

5 Ways Wraps on a Truck Turbocharge Your Business

1. Mobile Billboards without the Hefty Monthly Cost
Wraps on a truck transform your vehicles into mobile billboards for your business. Your message goes wherever you do – from highways to suburban streets to downtown districts – you name it. The best part? Other than the initial cost to install the wrap, you won’t have to pay any recurring fees, unlike billboards, TV commercials, and other costly marketing strategies.

2. Be Seen by Thousands of People Every Day
If you are looking for one of the most effective ways to get your business noticed, wraps on a truck are it. 3M estimates that a wrap can gain as many as 16 million impressions in a year in a large city like Philadelphia. That comes to nearly 44,000 impressions every day! Impressions are a fast ticket way to convert individuals who weren’t familiar with your business into potential customers.

3. ROI That Other Forms of Advertising Can't Fathom
CPM stands for how much it costs to get 1,000 impressions from an ad. A TV spot offers a CPM of $23.70; a magazine ad offers $21.46. Wraps on a truck offer a CPM around 50 times better than that at $0.48! Invest your marketing budget in a marketing strategy that offers the best ROI to set your business up for success.

4. Build Trust in Your Community
As people routinely see your wrapped truck, it will instill a sense of familiarity. People tend to trust businesses they recognize, and they are more likely to buy from them as well. That means every time your vehicles are on the road, you are building trust with prospective customers.

5. Potentially Increase Resale Value of Vehicles
Did you know that having a truck wrap protects the original paint on your company vehicles? The wrap prevents scuffs, scratches, and minor chips that occur during the general wear and tear of driving. If you choose to sell your company vehicles for an upgrade or another reason, the original paint will be in perfect condition when the wrap is removed, offering you an optimal position to negotiate an increased resale value.

6. Express Your Creativity
Every business is unique, though it can be challenging to make your business stand out in crowded marketplaces. With wraps, it's your way and your highway! You can print any design, display nearly any message, and express your creativity. When your wrap becomes outdated or is ready for a refresh, replacing it will be a new chance to express your creativity.

Get the Show on the Road

Wraps can be a powerful marketing tool for your business, if you know how to make the best use of them. Businesses across Philadelphia turn to Pacesetter Signs and Graphics, so you should too. Work with our creative team to design attractive graphics that help generate engagement and success for your business. Book a free consultation to discuss your needs with an experienced signage professional.

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