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December 12, 2023
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How to Choose the Perfect Mural Wallpaper for Every Room in Your Office?

Given office decor can boost employee satisfaction, elevate happiness levels, and impact overall productivity, it’s important to find creative décor to invest in. We’re here to tell you, it’s time to consider mural wallpaper.

In this blog, we'll provide tips and tricks on how to choose and design the right wallpaper for your office space.

8 Factors to Consider When Choosing the Right Mural Wallpaper

1. Which Room is the Mural Being Installed In?
Understanding which space you are thinking about transforming is the first task. Based on the measurements, expectations of the room, and overall purpose will help you select the right murals accordingly.

For instance, the reception area should be welcoming and reflect your brand. Thus, consider a mural that highlights your business's values and core offerings. For open workspaces, on the other hand, consider creative yet non-distracting patterns. Studies have found that creative workplaces encourage employees to be more creative too.

2. Pay Attention to Color
Color impacts moods and energy, which is why selecting the right color is imperative to a room transformation. Green, for instance, is known to have a calming effect, while red promotes vigor and energy. The right color for you depends on where you plan on installing it and the mood or emotions that you want people to experience in this section of your office.

3. How Does Lighting Change the Look?
Most people forget that lighting affects the appearance of mural wallpaper. For brightly lit rooms, you can choose a bright or dark mural, as the lighting will complement both; however, for dimly lit rooms, lighter colors are advisable. Moreover, natural light tends to make colors look more lifelike, while artificial lighting can alter their appearance.

Your signage partner will be able to guide you on which colors and designs are best suited for your space.

4. Consider the Size of the Room
The size of the room affects both the amount of wall space that is available and the way the wall mural will appear in the space. A large wall mural in a small room may make it feel cramped, while a small mural in a large room may seem insignificant or out of place. Take measurements beforehand and scale the mural to the size of the room.

5. Does the Mural Match Your Business’s Decor?
Murals are like the paint on your walls; they must work the rest of the room’s décor. Take stock of the furniture present, the colors in the room, and other types of decors to ensure your new mural complements it all. The mural should also reflects your business and its industry. For instance, mural wallpaper at an arcade will be bright and eccentric, whereas a law firm would likely prefer muted and professional designs.

6. Ask Your Employees
Designing new murals is a great opportunity to engage employees and ask for their input. You can hold votes on the kind of mural they believe should be installed and where they would install it. If you have an artistic staff, you could even hold design competitions where the winning design will be used as inspiration for the mural itself!

7. What Kind of Wear and Tear Do You Expect?
Will the wall experience constant sun exposure? Will people engage or lean on it often? Do your cleaning crews clean the walls consistently? Factor in the kind of wear and tear the mural will experience, so that you can plan the design, material choice, and location accordingly. This increases the likelihood of your murals delivering years of hassle-free performance.

Let's Transform Your Space

Want to install mural wallpaper in your office but don't know where to start? You're not alone. Businesses across the city rely on our team at Pacesetter Signs and Graphics for creative designs and expert advice. Book a free consultation to discuss your needs and start designing attractive murals today.

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