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Engaging, Exciting, Effective Door Signs for Your Office

Enhance visitor experience, improve navigation, and improve safety with professional door signs for your business. Combine form and function to inform and point visitors in the right direction and capture your customers' attention.

At Pacesetter Signs and Graphics, we design, build and install all types of signs in Philadelphia. Book a free consultation today to discuss door signage for your office with a signage expert.


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    What Is a Door Sign?

    These are signs installed on doors to identify the purpose of the room and its occupants. Door signs are a great opportunity to show off your branding since these are the signs customers see first. Office door signs are essential for enabling visitors to move through the space. But when used on the front door, they can be used to:
    • Make it easier to locate the entrance.
    • Provide information about your business.

    We Have All Types of Door Signs in Philadelphia

    Browse one of the largest catalogs of door signs for your business or design signs from scratch.

    • Front door signs
    • Hanging door signs
    • Door plaques
    • LED signs
    • Office name signs
    • Vinyl door graphics
    • Custom signs with logos
    • ADA compliant signs
    • Home-office door signs

    Can't find the signs you're looking for? Take advantage of a full-service manufacturing shop and expert craftspeople to bring your dream signs to life.

    Ordering Custom Door Signs Is Easy

    Leave the heavy lifting to us and focus on what matters-growing your business. Work with a professional team that makes ordering new signs for your business as easy as 1 - 2 - 3.

    • Book a free consultation - Tell us about your needs, find out where you should install signs, and how you can customize them.
    • Finalize your order - Find out about the cost of office signs, tell us how many you want, and place your order.
    • Watch them go up - We'll produce, ship, and install the signs at your office to offer you a turnkey experience.
    Custom Office Door Signs in Philadelphia, PA
    Personalized Closed Sign for Doors by Pacesetter Signs

    Control Every Aspect of the Design

    Add personalized text, messages, and graphics with custom office signs. We'll never bore you with standard interior door signs, we'll help you create designs that pop.

    They're your signs, and you are in charge! Personalize every aspect of your sign, including size, branding, color, material, and more. Some popular materials for signs are:

    • Acrylic
    • PVC
    • Wood
    • Vinyl door signs
    • Aluminum
    • Engraved
    • Brass
    • Metal
    • Glass
    • Plastic

    Discover the Many Benefits and Uses of Door Signs

    From enticing to educating to complying--door signs fulfill many roles. Our customers use signs to:

    • Attract the right customers.
    • Give clear directions.
    • Advertise the business.
    • Emphasize branding.
    • Provide information about the business.
    • Form a lasting impression.

    Get Digital Signage for Your Doors

    Wow visitors with cutting-edge LED door signs that let you show everything from scrolling text to videos! Change and customize the message at the click of a button with an easy-to-use control interface. Whether you love or hate working with technology, you'll find our digital signs easy to use.

    Use your signs to:

    • Show seasonal branding.
    • Display promotions and new products.
    • Attract attention with videos.
    • And so much more.
    Customized Signage for Office Door in Philadelphia, PA

    Trusted Company in Philadelphia for Business Door Signs

    You can stop searching for "door signs near me" and work with Philadelphia's most trusted company. It's why we're the go-to sign shop for everyone from small businesses to law firms and financial service providers.

    Keep the cost of door signs within budget with a team that will help you identify features that add value, not just inflate the invoice.

    Book a free consultation today to discuss your needs with a signage professional.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What's the purpose of a door sign?

    There could be several different reasons for a door sign. For one, you might be looking for a sign to showcase your hours. Or you might need a sign with your business name and logo if you don't have a freestanding business. In general, the idea is to make sure someone walking by knows who you are and when (or how) to reach you.

    How do you make a door sign?

    You can do this yourself or you can work with a design company to help you create something unique and high quality that you can use for your front door.

    What size are door signs typically?

    Door signs can be any size you need; however, they'll commonly be 8"x12", 12"x12", 12"x18" or 18"x24". These sizes accommodate the window or the full door, depending on your preference.

    How do you install a door sign?

    Installing a door sign depends on the type of sign. If you choose a decal sign, you can stick it immediately to your door or door window. If you choose a standard sign, you can affix it with common tools directly into the door, or attach hooks to the back to hang the sign on the door. 

    Where do you place the sign on a door?

    If you have a solid door or if your sign is going to be in the window of your door, you'll want to put it at eye level so it's easy for anyone to see. If you're going to put up a larger sign that'll cover the entire door, be sure to hang it as high as you can so the entire sign fits on the door.

    Why is it important to have door signs?

    Door signs can divulge plenty of information about your business, so people who are interested can reach out. You can use them to showcase your name and logo so people know where you are or to display hours and contact information so people know when and how to reach you. 

    How much does it cost to install a door sign?

    Prices for door signs will depend on the sign you choose, the type of door you have, and the installation method. Talking with a professional design company is your best first step to getting a quote for having a sign installed properly.

    What are ADA-compliant door signs?

    These are signs that are designed with braille components so that they can easily be ready by those with vision impairments. Generally, they include the same information in braille as they do in written text. 

    What is an office door sign?

    Office door signs are designed to give information to the general public, especially if you're in a building or area where there are several businesses grouped together. These signs let people know how to find you, whilst also attracting the attention of new customers.

    Where can I find the best door sign in Philadelphia, PA?

    If you're looking for the best door sign in Philadelphia PA, look no further than Pacesetter Signs and Graphics. You'll be able to get all the information and the custom look that you want. 

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