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Make an Impact with Personalized Signs for Your Business

Make your business stand out with custom signs that show off your creativity, branding, and vision. Work with an experienced team to design eye-catching signs that generate leads.

Enjoy a seamless signage experience when you work with Pacesetter Signs and Graphics. When you work with us, we:

  • Create branded design options.
  • Have thousands of customization options.
  • Build and print signs in-house.
  • Provide expert craftsmanship and quality materials.
  • Strong after-sales support.
  • Exceptional customer service.

Schedule a complimentary consultation and start your signage journey with a top company for custom signs near Philadelphia.

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    No Excuses, We Just Love Bringing Stunning Signs to Life

    At Pacesetter Signs and Graphics, we don't tell you what's not possible--we bring your design to life. No wonder Philadelphia businesses with some of the most creative branding want to work with us for their signs.

    Market harder, advertiser better, and create engaging experiences for customers with custom signs. You'll work with a passionate team that doesn't just build attractive signs--we make signs that convert.

    A Seamless Customization and Ordering Process

    Spend time doing what you want to--design-- and leave the rest to us. We make ordering custom-made signs easy:

    • Create designs - Send us your design or tell us to create options for you. We'll share digital templates so you can see how they'll look before finalizing them.
    • Order signs - Give the go-ahead, and we'll start building your sign. Our team sources materials, prepare signs in-house, and provides regular status updates.
    • Watch them go up - Leave all of the heavy lifting to us--literally. We'll arrange equipment, take care of the wiring, mounting points, and more.

    Enjoy an exciting, engaging experience designing signs for your business. Throughout the project, we'll help you make value-conscious decisions and keep the cost of custom signs within budget.

    Exclusive, Unique, Yours

    Browse thousands of options to personalize your signs exactly as you want to. With so many options to choose from, you're almost guaranteed there's no other sign that looks the same as yours.

    Decide every aspect of your sign:

    • Style
    • Message
    • Colors
    • Images
    • Material
    • Lighting
    • Installation

    Bring your signs to life with a fully-equipped manufacturing unit and experienced craftspeople at the leading shop for custom signs near you.

    Custom signs for Exclusive, Unique, Yours in Philadelphia, PA

    What Is Custom Signage?

    Custom specialty signs are ones that you design from scratch. They don't have to follow a pre-set layout or style, and you are free to create virtually anything you want. They are popular as business signs, city name signs, event signs, and other marketing efforts.

    We build all types of custom signs, including:

    Price Display Custom signage for Stores in Philadelphia, PA

    Your Top Custom Sign Makers Serving Philadelphia

    Pacesetters Signs is redefining the Philadelphia custom signs experience. Enjoy exceptional service and support from a team that helps you get maximum value from your investment, no matter what your use of custom signs may be.

    Schedule an on-site consultation today to discuss custom business signs for your business near Philadelphia business.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are custom signs?

    An acrylic sign is transparent, durable, colorless, and made from a cast polymer. It can be blended with other signage or used as a stand-alone for a more customized appearance. Its wide range of finishing and customization options makes it an excellent substitute for frosted glass. For a high-tech, sophisticated look, acrylic is a great option.

    What are custom signs made of?

    That depends on the type of sign you’re getting, but some popular materials for custom signs are vinyl, stainless steel, aluminum, and acrylic. We can even build signs out of wood and brass, a popular option among law firms and financial institutions. The material you choose will impact the appearance of the sign and how it fits the space—so choose wisely!

    Are custom signs waterproof?

    Some custom signs are waterproof, others are not. Our outdoor custom signs, such as storefront and pole signs, are water-resistant. We use industrial-grade sealants to protect them even in heavy rain. Indoor signs are not generally waterproof, but we can add coatings to make them resistant to small splashes. Make sure you talk to one of our signage professionals about your needs before ordering signs.

    Where can you install custom signs?

    The options are limitless! With the plethora of mounting options we have, you can install custom signs almost anywhere you want. Our customers install signs on doors, in the lobby, above entrances, in corridors, and at trade shows. We offer a wide range of custom signs you can hang, mount, and paste anywhere you want.

    What is the average cost to make custom signs in Maryland?

    That’s a tricky question to answer without knowing what type of custom sign you’re looking for. Outdoor signs, such as channel letters, typically would cost more than something like a banner.

    Tell us about your needs to get an accurate estimate. (There’s no obligation to buy)

    What are the different types of custom signage?

    There are dozens of custom signs you choose from, including:

    • Hanging blade signs
    • Yard signs
    • Channel letter signs
    • Signboards
    • Electronic signs
    • Pylon signs
    • Monument signs
    • Window graphics
    • Wall graphics
    • And many more

    Pacesetter Signs offers one of the largest selections of custom signs in the city. Our manufacturing unit and creative craftspeople relish the challenge of bringing unique signs to life.

    Are custom signs durable?

    Absolutely! Our customers look to us for premium signs that deliver years of hassle-free performance. It’s why we never cut corners on quality, using only high-quality materials, and fade-resistant inks. Expect printed vinyl signs to last up to seven years, and constructed signs to last 15+ years with a little bit of care.

    What does custom signage do for a business?

    Custom signs are an instant attention-grabber, helping businesses get noticed. Our customers use custom signs for three main reasons:

    • Advertising
    • Branding
    • Wayfinding

    Be clear about why you’re getting custom signs so you can optimize them and maximize their effectiveness. Working with an experienced team helps too—we don’t just build eye-catching signs, our signs convert!

    What is the importance of custom signs?

    It gets harder and harder to stand out on busy main streets, in shopping malls, and downtown--that’s where custom signs come in. They’re a great way to get your business noticed in the city, build brand awareness, and maximize sales potential. But having custom signs isn’t enough—you need to get the design and location right, too, so make sure you talk to us before ordering your sign.

    Where can I get custom signs in Maryland?

    We may be a little biased here, but the best place to get custom signs in Maryland is right here at Pacesetter Signs. Expect nothing other than first-class treatment, and professional service from an experienced signage team. With a fully-equipped manufacturing unit (and expert designers), there’s nothing we cannot create!

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