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Have you ever gone to a store or office and had trouble finding the nearest restroom? It can be one of the most inconvenient situations for any customer. Make each customer visit more comfortable by getting the right bathroom signs for your business.

Here at Pacesetter Signs and Graphics, we make sure you have the right signs to keep your business running smoothly. We have a wide range of restroom signs that can fulfill your business needs. Our signs are also made to your specific requirements, following local codes and guidelines in Philadelphia.


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    What Are Bathroom Signs?

    You can find a bathroom in any building or facility around Philadelphia. As going to the bathroom is a basic need, your restrooms need to be accessible and easy to find. This is where having the right signs can help.

    Bathroom signs are easy enough to get. Ready-to-use ones are even available in most office supply stores. However, customized signs make a difference in creating a more positive customer experience.

    These signs provide a unique opportunity for you to boost your brand. This creates a more cohesive atmosphere that leaves a lasting impression on your customers. It shows an attention to detail that really impresses your customers.

    Looking for bathroom sign makers near Philadelphia? Trust Pacesetter Signs and Graphics to deliver your signage needs. Contact us today to learn more about our bathroom sign options.

    Types of Bathroom Signs

    The cost of bathroom signs depends largely on the type of sign you choose. Here at Pacesetter Signs and Graphics, we offer a variety of bathroom sign options, including:

    1. Wayfinding Bathroom Signs
    2. Bathroom Door Signs
    3. ADA Bathroom Signs
    4. Safety and Information Signs

    We can create signs specific to your design needs. We can include symbols, pictograms, and more. Whether you need male, female, or unisex bathroom signs, our team can deliver.

    Uses of Bathroom Signs

    There are many ways bathroom signs can be used to benefit your business. Let’s look at some highlights.

    1. Wayfinding. One of the basic functions of these signs is to make sure customers know exactly where to find them when needed. These signs are usually elevated so people can spot them even from a distance.
    2. Identification markers. Bathroom signs are also used to indicate which rooms are available for different users. These include:
      1. Male Bathroom Signs
      2. Female Bathroom Signs
      3. All Gender Bathroom Signs
      4. Family Room Signs
      5. Wheelchair Accessible Room Signs
    3. Message boards. There is plenty of information needed to make sure that restrooms remain safe and hygienic. Bathroom signs are used to display helpful information, like:
      1. Toilet flushing
      2. Waste disposal
      3. Proper handwashing
      4. Out-of-service signs
      5. Wet floor signs

    ADA Restroom Signs

    Following ADA guidelines is crucial for every business around Philadelphia, especially for restroom use. These signs keep your restrooms accessible, increasing the comfort of all your customers.

    Office bathroom signs need to adhere to specific design guidelines for ADA compliance. These guidelines include:

    1. Raised letters and characters
    2. Grade 2 braille
    3. Color contrasts and a non-glare finish
    4. The use of universal pictograms
    Custom Bathroom Signs for Businesses in Philadelphia, PA

    High-Quality Bathroom Signs “Near Me”

    The comfort and convenience of your customers should be a priority. Let Pacesetter Signs and Graphics help keep your customers happy with the best sign solutions for your business.

    In Philadelphia, business owners trust Pacesetter Signs and Graphics to deliver their signage needs. We are a full-service sign company that designs, produces, and installs high-quality signs. From custom bathroom signs to office signs, and more, our team is committed to creating signs that last.

    Know more about our premium products today! Contact us and get a free consultation from our sign experts.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the common symbols and icons used on bathroom signs?

    The symbols and icons used on bathroom signs are called pictograms. They depict who can use the bathroom and the facilities available. Pictograms can be printed, embossed, or engraved, depending on the type of sign you're getting. You can design your own pictograms for your signs; however, review any legal guidelines or restrictions first.

    Is there a specific color code for bathroom sign backgrounds or symbols?

    No, there isn't a specific color code prescribed for signs. It is a common misconception to believe that signs must follow a prescribed style or color. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires signs to meet a minimum contrast requirement, meaning fonts and symbols should use a contrasting color to the background.

    Are there any accessibility requirements for bathroom signs?

    There are certain accessibility requirements for bathroom signs; although, they apply mostly to businesses that receive more than a minimum number of visitors and meet other criteria. The accessibility requirements include:

    • Sign size
    • Font and background colors
    • Braille lettering
    • Contrast requirements
    • Legibility requirements
    • Sign location

    Failing to meet ADA requirements can expose a business to a fine, an audit, or even a lawsuit.

    What's the standard height for installing bathroom signs?

    As per the ADA, bathroom signs should be installed 48 to 60 inches above the ground. They must be affixed to a static surface, such as a wall, next to the door. Plus, the approach to the sign should be unobstructed, so people with vision impairments can access the sign to read it by touch.

    Are bathroom signs with braille required by law?

    Yes, bathroom signs with braille lettering are required by the ADA, if your establishment falls under the purview of the Act. Specifically, the essential, wayfinding elements of the sign need to be written out in Grade 2 braille. Other non-essential information does not need to be included in braille.

    Do bathroom signs need to be ADA-compliant?

    Not all bathroom signs need to be ADA-compliant. Small businesses, for instance, may not require ADA signs. Many businesses choose to install ADA-compliant signs regardless to improve customer experiences and make the space accessible for everyone.

    If you are installing a single sign for the bathroom, it is highly advisable that you install an ADA-compliant sign.

    Can businesses customize their bathroom signs?

    Yes, you can customize your bathroom signs to reflect your brand and décor preferences. Personalization options can include everything from colors and fonts to shapes and custom designs. Our team makes sure that essential information and accessibility features are included even once you've personalized your sign.

    Are there international symbols or icons for restrooms?

    Typically, restroom signs have used universally recognized symbols; for instance, a stick figure in pants to symbolize a restroom for men, a skirted figure for women, and/or a figure in a wheelchair to depict an accessible restroom. That said, the ADA does not require you to use any specific set of pictograms, which allows the freedom to create your own icons.

    Can I use humor or creative designs on bathroom signs?

    Yes! Using humor and eye-catching designs on bathroom signs is a great way to showcase your business's personality and elevate customer experiences. Just make sure your signs are clear and respectful for all visitors. Our team will help you incorporate ADA elements into your sign, too, ensuring you remain accessible.

    What are the standard dimensions for bathroom signs?

    There are no standard dimensions for bathroom signs, and you are free to make them whatever size you'd like. However, a common size is around 6 x 9 inches. It's important your sign be large enough to be easily readable and comply with any local laws. ADA signs, for example, have minimum size requirements.

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