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Meet Accessibility and Compliance Requirements Confidently

Make your space welcoming and comfortable with high-quality ADA and custom braille signs. Choose from one of the largest selections of ready-to-go signs or design your dream signs from scratch.

At Pacesetter Signs and Graphics, we are committed to helping businesses stay compliant while enhancing branding. You'll work with an experienced team that makes getting signs for the business completely turnkey. We build and install signage for all areas, including:

  • Doors
  • Restrooms
  • Parking area
  • Reception area
  • Elevators and stairwells

Book a free consultation today to discuss accessible signage for your Philadelphia office.

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    What Is an ADA Sign?

    These are signs you can find, both indoors and outdoors, that help a business stay compliant with The Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990. They are required at almost every commercial establishment to ensure that visitors with differences in ability are able to navigate a space safely and easily.

    ADA signs must follow specific design guidelines, including:

    • Size of lettering
    • Font type
    • Non-glare finish
    • Height above the ground
    • Braille lettering

    Think all ADA signs have to look the same? ADA signs that don't compromise your entire design aesthetic. There are a lot of customization options allowed, and we'll help you make the most of them!

    All Types of ADA Signs Available in Philadelphia

    Choose from one of the largest varieties of options, including:

    • ADA Bathroom Signs - Install directional arrows and door signs to show people the way to the washrooms.
    • Wayfinding ADA Signs - Provide clear directions and hazard warnings across the premises with wayfinding ADA signage.
    • ADA Parking Signs - Install them in parking lots and at entrances facing the parking lots to demarcate accessible areas.
    • ADA Braille Signs - Allow people with visual impairments to navigate your premises independently and safely with raised braille lettering. We prepare grade 1 and 2 braille signs.

    Keep the cost of ADA signs within budget--our team will help you find options that add value and eliminate those that just inflate the invoice!

    Make the Most of the Benefits and Uses for ADA Signs

    Think you only need ADA signs to comply with the law? Design intelligent, attractive signs that match your decor and enhance your branding. Our customers use ADA signs to:

    • Comply with federal and state laws.
    • Make their space inviting for people with disabilities.
    • Grow brand awareness with branded ADA signs.
    • Be responsible, inclusive members of the community.
    • Provide a more positive customer experience.
    Ada Restroom Signs
    Ada Room Signs

    Your Go-To Sign Shop for Quality ADA Signs Near You in Philadelphia

    At Pacesetter Signs and Graphics, we are firm believers that no American should be denied access simply because of needs that aren’t “standard”. Work with a passionate team that's committed to high-quality, custom ADA signs that will help you enhance your customer journey.

    Meet federal and state ADA requirements with an experienced team--we can tell you what types of ADA-compliant signs you need and where.

    Book a free, on-site consultation in Philadelphia to discuss signage for your business. Our team will assist with preparing a signage plan for your property, help you find cost-effective options, and take care of the installation.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the purpose of the ADA?

    The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is the leading federal legislation on accessibility in the United States. Its ultimate purpose is to make spaces safe and accessible for people with visual, auditory, cognitive, and mobility disabilities.

    The ADA prescribes that certain types of signs must be installed on commercial property; for instance, the blue and white wheelchair signs.

    Where are ADA signs required?

    ADA signs must be installed at the premises of most commercial establishments that receive visitors regularly. ADA signs are required at:

    • Spaces that serve the same function for more than seven days (such as break rooms and bathrooms).
    • Accessible parking spaces.
    • Anywhere that needs safety signs.

    Talk to us to find out where else you need ADA signs.

    Why is ADA compliance important?

    The ADA endeavors to make spaces equally accessible for all Americans, and we can certainly get on board with that. ADA signs convey that your office complies with local and building bylaws. Moreover, a failure to install ADA signs can result in an employment lawsuit, an ADA violation, or even an expensive fine!

    What are the requirements for ADA signage?

    The ADA has a strict list of requirements for signs to be considered ADA-compliant, and we can’t reproduce that in full here. However, a few ADA requirements relate to:

    • Contrast between background and text.
    • Location of sign.
    • Size of sign.
    • Glare and reflectivity.

    To understand the requirements a sign must fulfill, speak to an experienced signage professional at Pacesetter Signs and Graphics today.

    What is an ADA bathroom?

    An ADA bathroom is one that must meet the specific space and dimension requirements laid down by the Americans with Disabilities Accessibility Guidelines and the American National Standards Institute. Together, they specify how large the space should be, what equipment should be present, and more.

    ADA bathroom signs, similarly, have to be installed at a certain height, have braille lettering, and other features.

    What are the height requirements for ADA braille signs?

    ADA signs with braille lettering must be installed anywhere from 48 inches to 60 inches from the floor. The braille text, too, should be of a certain minimum size.

    In addition to meeting the height requirements, an ADA braille sign must not be obstructed by anything that prevents a person from reading braille, nor should it be in the path of a swinging door.

    Where do ADA exit signs need to be placed?

    ADA exit signs must be placed adjacent to all exit doors, such as for internal rooms and exits to the building. But that’s not all; ADA signs must also be installed in stairwells and along routes that guide people to emergency exits.

    We highly advise that you get a signage professional to inspect your space for where signs should be installed; failure to install signs at the right spots can lead to heavy fines.

    What is the ideal size of an ADA sign?

    The ADA doesn’t specify a particular size of ADA-compliant signs; rather, it requires letters to be a minimum 5/8 of an inch each. There are spacing requirements around the text, too, so the sign should be large enough to accommodate that.

    Contrary to popular belief, you can customize ADA signs substantially, as long as you satisfy the requirements laid down by the ADA.

    How much do ADA signs cost?

    A small ADA room sign can start from as little as $15, while larger ones can run into the hundreds of dollars. The cost of the ADA sign will depend on the materials used, its size, where it’s intended to be installed, and the text you need.

    To find out how much installing ADA signs will cost your business, talk to us today.

    Where can I get ADA signage in Philadelphia, PA?

    The best place for ADA signage in Philadelphia, PA, is right here at Pacesetter Signs and Graphics. That may sound immodest, but we’re proud to offer the best service and high-quality signs every time. Our team is passionately pro-accessibility, and we create customized ADA signs that blend perfectly with your decor and brand.

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