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LED Signs Philadelphia

Custom Neon Signs for Philadelphia Businesses

For over 100 years, neon signs have been giving light to many buildings and businesses. It was and still is a popular type of sign that gets many businesses noticed around Philadelphia.

However, these signs aren’t the easiest to create, maintain, or use. Fortunately, sign companies have created a worthy alternative to neon signs: LED signs

What Are LED signs?

The traditional neon sign is made up of glass tubes filled with gas to produce light. They can be bent and shaped into different forms to create the sign you need.

Today, however, neon LED signage has come about. Instead of gases, these make use of LED light strips to illuminate the sign. The LED lights are enclosed using PVC, acrylic, or other flexible materials. This mimics the look of neon. This, without the added risk and price point of traditional neon.

Looking for the right illuminated signs for your business? Pacesetter Signs and Graphics is your #1 choice in the Philadelphia area. We create a wide range of LED light signs to fulfill your business needs. Get to know your options by calling us today.


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    Types of LED and Neon Signs

    Looking for lighted signs to boost your home, store, or office? There are different types of signs that you can use for a variety of purposes. Here are popular options you can get around Philadelphia:

    • Storefront LED Lit Signs
    • LED Neon Wall Signs
    • LED Neon Building Signs
    • Custom LED Neon Signs for Window Displays
    • LED Neon Billboards

    Here at Pacesetter Signs and Graphics, we create custom LED signs specific to your requirements. Talk to us about your signage needs and your design vision, and our team will be glad to help you out!

    Uses of Lighted Signs

    These signs offer a lot of versatility and flexibility. They can be used in many ways to benefit your Philadelphia business.

    These lighted business signs are one of the best ways to improve your business visibility. Humans are naturally attracted to light. As such, these bright, vibrant signs are sure to make your business hard to miss.

    Outdoor LED signs can be used for:

    • Storefront Signs
    • Storefront Window Displays
    • Pylon Signs
    • Projecting Signs
    • Monument Signs

    Aside from marketing use, these are also great for home or office décor. They can enhance any wall space. You can use them to add vibrant text and graphics to show off your personality.

    Lastly, you can use custom LED signs near Philadelphia during events. They make for excellent backdrops or wall décor for that perfect photo op.

    Uses of LED Signs for Business in Philadelphia, PA
    Custom Outdoor Neon LED sign for All Day Breakfast in Philadelphia, PA


    Make your business shine from day until night with LED light signs near Philadelphia. Turn heads your way and drive more traffic to your business.

    Pacesetter Signs and Graphics is a full-service LED neon sign company serving Philadelphia, PA. We deliver premium sign solutions aimed to set your business apart. We only use the best materials and advanced technology. This is to ensure your signs stay vibrant and long-lasting.

    Want to know the cost of LED signs, possible design, and color options, and more? Contact us today for a free consultation!

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Are LED and neon signs the same?

    Neon signs wish they were LED signs! Neon signs are made from glass tubes filled with a gas, like xenon; when an electric current is passed through the tube, the gas starts to glow.

    LED signs used extremely small LED bulbs to create the same effect. It's why LED signs are so much more customizable, safer, and far more energy efficient.

    What is an LED neon sign?

    An LED neon sign comprises shaped acrylic tubes and LEDs. Think of LEDs, or light-emitting diodes, as very small, very powerful bulbs. When they light up, they create the classic neon glow that people are so fond of.

    LED neon signs can be over 8 times more energy efficient and last up to 25 times longer than traditional signs–no wonder they have become so popular!

    How long does it take to make a custom LED sign?

    We can make small custom LED signs in as little as 4 business days; larger signs can take up to 6 weeks to build.

    How long it takes to build your sign will depend on its size, complexity, style, and preferred mounting method. To receive an accurate estimate of how long your signs will take to make, speak to our team today.

    Are LED signs worth it?

    Cheaper to operate than traditionally lighted signs and with a lower upfront cost, LED signs offer a great value proposition. LEDs consume less than one-eighth the electricity of traditional bulbs, and last over 25 times longer. They’re so efficient, in fact, our customers like to leave their signs illuminated all day and night!

    That means lower maintenance costs in the long run, and less waste heading to the landfill.

    How much does it cost to make an LED sign?

    A small, indoor LED sign can cost as little as a few hundred dollars; larger outdoor signs can cost $2,000 and over. The largest LED building signs can cost over $10,000.

    To find out how much your signs will cost, speak to our team. We’ll help you identify cost-effective options and maximize the value of the sign.

    Do outdoor LED signs increase business?
    Absolutely, a striking frontage and a memorable impression go a long way to attracting customers to the business. A FedEx study found that attractive signs can influence purchase decisions, which is why you want to invest in attractive signs. Sometimes attractive signs aren't enough, you need to create signs that’ll help convert visitors into customers. That's where our design team can help–talk to us to learn more.
    How long do LED signs last?

    Our customers love their LED signs because they require such little maintenance to operate. LEDs can last over 25 times longer than traditional light bulbs, meaning fewer bulb changes for you.

    We use high-quality materials, modern building methods, and quality paints to ensure a hassle-free experience.

    Where can I buy an illuminated LED sign in Philadelphia?

    If you’re looking for the best place to buy illuminated LED signs in Philadelphia, you're at the right place already. We’re the leading company for long-lasting, attractive signs that help grow business.

    You will work with a knowledgeable team that understands your priorities and will help you make the most of your signs. Talk to us about your needs today or call us at (443) 227-4106.

    Do LED storefront signs use a lot of electricity?

    LED signs are some of the most energy-efficient signs you can get for your business. Here's a comparison for you: if an LED sign uses 150 watts of electricity, an equivalent sign with traditional bulbs will use 450 watts, while a neon sign will use over 600 watts!

    LED storefront signs are so efficient that many of our customers like to leave theirs illuminated all day too.

    How do you use digital signage in retail?

    Digital signs have opened a wide range of marketing options for retailers. You can use your digital signs to display changing images, videos, and other dynamic content. Digital signs are proven to be more effective at capturing attention, which is why you’ll find them everywhere from clothing retailers to fast food joints.

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