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In business, it’s important to take advantage of every opportunity to promote your brand. This is why signage is important for Philadelphia businesses. Through signs, you can make use of your business space as a marketing tool.

For instance, you can turn your walls and window spaces into marketing assets with the help of vinyl murals and graphics. The same lets you use your floor space as an effective wayfinding tool.

However, did you know that there is another type of marketing real estate available to you? Aside from your walls, windows, and floors, your ceiling can be an impactful way to promote your brand. This is where hanging business signs come in.


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    What Are Hanging Signs?

    Hanging signs are any type of sign that can be suspended from the ceiling. Because they are elevated, indoor and outdoor hanging signs offer plenty of visibility. Even from afar, customers walking around are sure to spot your signs anywhere.

    Ceiling hanging signs are effective whether in a small room or a large open space. They don’t take up any floor space, leaving your customers undisturbed. They are an ideal, non-aggressive marketing tool for your Philadelphia business.

    Here at Pacesetter Signs and Graphics, we offer a wide range of outdoor and indoor hanging sign options for your business needs. We understand the importance of standing out. As such, our signs are always made to represent your brand in the best way. Learn more about our products by giving us a call today!

    Types of Hanging Signs

    Hanging signs are perfect for getting the attention of incoming foot traffic. This is made possible through the variety of sign options available for your business needs. Here are some examples:

    • PVC Hanging Signs
    • Aluminum and Alumalite Hanging Signs
    • Dibond Hanging Signs
    • Coroplast Hanging Signs
    • HDU Hanging Signs

    Don’t see the sign that you need? Don’t worry! Pacesetter Signs and Graphics can produce signs specific to your needs. Feel free to contact us today for a free consultation.

    Uses for Hanging Signs

    The versatility of hanging signs lets you use them for various purposes. Whether indoors or outdoors, they can make a big difference in your Philadelphia-area business.

    • Branding. Because of their visibility, these signs are perfect for improving brand awareness. Engraved hanging signs are a good example of showing your brand personality.
    • Wayfinding. These elevated signs are ideal wayfinding tools, helping people find their way around. Acrylic hanging signs can point customers toward restrooms, elevators, fire exits, and more.
    • Advertising. Banner hanging signs let you display product or service features. You can even promote in-store deals, urging customers to make a purchase.
    Uses of Hanging Signage in Philadelphia, PA
    Outdoor Metal Hanging Signs of Nunn installed in Philadelphia, PA

    Looking for High-Quality Hanging Signs “Near You?”

    Take advantage of each part of your business space to promote your Philadelphia business. Engage your customers at each point of contact with effective sign solutions from Pacesetter Signs and Graphics.

    We deliver a wide variety of sign options to help brand your space and send your message across. Whether you need aluminum hanging signs, wood hanging signs, or more, we deliver with quality and excellence!

    Need to know more about our material options, design themes, and cost of hanging signs? Contact us today to learn more and get a free quote.

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