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Create Impact in Your Community with Monument Signs

Make your office look professional and ensure a great first impression with modern monument signs. Get high-quality, premium-looking signs that can help any office look just right. Choose from a wide range of designs, and enjoy custom printing options to bring your dream signs to life. We don't just offer pre-designed templates, we can customize any sign with your brand and messaging. Pacesetter Signs and Graphics works with businesses across Philadelphia for workplace signage, including:

  • Restaurants
  • Offices
  • Retail stores
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Universities
  • Law firms
  • Schools
  • Event venues

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    We Build and Install All Types of Monument Signs

    Enjoy professional design, production, and installation services from an experienced team. Our design team spends time with you to understand your vision and assess your location. We'll help you find the right type of sign, select the best place to install it and choose the right size.

    Choose from a wide range of designs, including:

    • LED monument signs
    • Architectural monument signs
    • Foam monument signs
    • Electronic monument signs
    • Brick monument signs

    Don't see the signs you're looking for? Take advantage of the expertise of our craftspeople and cutting-edge fabrication facilities to bring your dream signs to life.

    So Many Benefits and Uses of Monument Signs

    Commercial monument signs are some of the most versatile signs you can get for your business. Once only used to show people where your business is located, today, they are vital advertising and marketing signage.

    Benefit from their large size and eye-catching design to maximize your marketing potential. Here's what a monument sign from our company can do for your business.

    • Enhance brand awareness.
    • Point people to your location.
    • Raise ambiance and aesthetics.
    • Solidify your business's identity.
    • Get you qualified leads.
    • Give your business a contemporary look with modern monument signs.
    • Unlock potential sources of revenue with advertising.

    Not sure how you should use your signs? Talk to a signage professional to understand how you can make the most of your signs.

    Designing Custom Monument Signs for Your Business Is Easy

    Don't let their large size fool you--our team makes getting customized monuments completely hassle-free. Make monument signage worth the long-term investment it is with durable materials. Choose from a wide range of materials, including:

    • Stone
    • Wood
    • Foam
    • Brick
    • Metal
    • Concrete

    You control every aspect of the sign, including its size, design, mounting option, trim, and more. Our team will take care of all the heavy lifting--design, production, installation, maintenance--so you can focus on growing your business.

    Monument Signage In Philadelphia

    Identify Options That Keep the Cost of Monument Signs Within Budget

    Receive transparent, honest advice about customization options so you can maximize the value of your signs. We'll help you find options that add value.

    Get peace of mind with clear invoices and a team that explains delivery and installation costs upfront. We won't surprise you with confusing line items or unexpected charges.

    Monument Sign For Brantwood

    Your Go-To Company for Monument Sign Installation Near Philadelphia

    Pacesetter Signs and Graphics is redefining the signage experience in the Philly area. No more shouting matches on the phone, no more low-quality signs--expect excellent quality and professional service every time.

    Enjoy years of hassle-free ownership with high-quality materials, long-lasting LEDs, and our commitment to quality. It's why businesses around Philadelphia trust us for custom-made monument signage that effectively reaches their audience.

    Book a free on-site consultation today to discuss your needs with experienced signage professional. We'll tell you about design options, costs if you need permits and more.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What materials are commonly used to construct monument signs?
    At Pacesetter Signs and Graphics, we utilize materials like stone, brick, metal, and high-density foam for monument signs. Each material offers a unique look, which is why you should choose the material for your sign intentionally. Regardless of which material you select, you can expect durable signs that will provide years of hassle-free performance.
    Can monument signs be customized to match my business's branding and aesthetics?
    Absolutely! Our expertise lies in crafting signs that seamlessly blend business's branding and the aesthetics of the surrounding area. Our team routinely creates stone, brick, and metal signs that add to your décor and branding. You can personalize every aspect of the sign, including its size, color, shape, style, and more.
    Are there any zoning or permitting requirements for installing a monument sign?
    Yes, Philadelphia has specific zoning and permitting requirements for monument signs since they are installed outdoors. Illuminated signs will require a separate permit. The process is fairly seamless, as the city is familiar with receiving many applications. We can help guarantee the paperwork is filed correctly and that your intended sign complies with local requirements.
    What are the typical maintenance requirements for monument signs?
    Minimal maintenance is required for our monument signs. Regular cleaning and occasional check-ups for wear and tear or minor damage are all that you will have to do. Given Philadelphia's varied weather, occasional checks for signs of water damage or loose electrical connections are recommended. We also offer competitively priced maintenance to keep your sign looking fresh.
    Are monument signs illuminated, and if so, what lighting options are available?
    Absolutely, many businesses opt for illuminated monument signs to enhance visibility, day and night. We offer halo lighting, front lighting, backlighting options, and spotlighting, all designed to make your sign pop. We also use energy-efficient LED lighting, which means you can light up your sign without having to worry about expensive energy bills.
    How long does it take to design, manufacture, and install a monument sign?
    The journey from designing a monument to installing it can take anywhere from three to six weeks. This includes time to gather raw materials, create custom designs, produce the sign, and then install it. To get an accurate estimate of how long your sign will take, speak to our team.
    How much does a monument sign typically cost, and what factors can affect the price?

    Generally speaking, monument signs can cost anywhere between $3,000 and $15,000. That said, specialized designs and materials can increase the cost of the sign. Some of the factors that affect the cost of the sign are:

    • Size
    • Chosen material
    • Lighting options
    • Installation requirements
    • Permits
    Can monument sign be refurbished or updated?

    Absolutely! One advantage of monument signs is that they can be refreshed and refurbished over time. That helps keep your sign looking and feeling new for longer. You can change the sign face, repaint it, change the base it’s installed on, or add lighting.

    What are the typical sizes and dimensions of monument signs?

    Every monument sign is unique, so we cannot offer an average size. Broadly speaking, monuments can range from three to ten feet tall and from four to ten feet wide. Depending on your unique needs and the space available, you can make your sign as large or as small as you want.

    Do I need professional monument sign installation services?

    It is highly recommended that your monument sign is professionally installed. These signs must comply with city requirements and safety codes, as well as be installed securely for safety reasons. Installers will take care of everything, from preparing the base to running electrical cables, and ensure the sign looks as you want it to.

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