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Brand Your Vehicles Instantly with Business Car Magnets

Use your vehicle commercially once in a while? Don't want to get permanent branding on your vehicle? Get custom magnetic signs to brand your vehicles instantly. Enjoy the ease of swapping signs between vehicles in seconds.

Get personalized vehicle magnets for your business from one of the top companies for magnetic car signs near you. Maximize the value of your investment with customizable, durable, weather-resistant signs.

It's why we're trusted by tradespeople, real estate agents, small business owners, delivery drivers, and many other commercial vehicle owners in Philadelphia.

Schedule a complimentary consultation with a signage professional to discuss signs for your business.


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    All Types of Magnetic Signs Available in Philadelphia

    Personalize your vehicles without the expense and downtime. Get the stunning "wrapped" look with custom car magnets that include your branding. Choose from a wide range of magnetic car signs, including:

    • Pizza delivery signs
    • Magnetic van signs
    • Roof-mounted signs
    • Car advertising magnets
    • Uber taxi signs
    • High visibility reflective signs
    • Magnetic signs for trucks
    • Courier signs
    • Magnetic car decals

    Send us your design or tell us to create some for you. Our team creates designs, produces signs, and delivers them to customers across Pennsylvania.

    What is a Magnetic Sign?

    Magnetic signs are semi-permanent signs that you can install and remove from a vehicle without tools. These signs have a magnetic layer and a vinyl, metal, or other material on which the design is printed.

    Our signs are slim, less than one-tenth of an inch thick, with a sticking force of about 80 lbs per square foot. The signs barely rise above the vehicle's body, making them safe to use at highway speeds.

    Magnetic signs can be installed on any vehicle with a metallic surface, including cars, SUVs, pickups, and heavy machinery.

    Custom Magnetic Car Sign for GO in Philadelphia, PA
    Personalized Magnetic Signs for Newspaper Carrier by Pacesetter Sign

    Design Personalized Magnetic Car Signs for Your Vehicle

    Don't settle for off-the-shelf signs that make your vehicles blend into the pavement. Work with an experienced team to customize signs. Choose from a wide range of signs, including:

    • Size
    • Color
    • Graphics
    • Style

    Keep the cost of magnetic signs within budget--we'll help you find options that add value. Pacesetter Signs and Graphics only uses high-quality materials from top suppliers like 3M and Avery.

    Benefits and Uses of Magnetic Signs

    Brand better, advertise harder, and turn heads with magnetic signs. Our customers use signs to:

    • Highlight sales and promotions.
    • Brand vehicles instantly.
    • Transform vehicles into mobile billboards.
    • Install branding temporarily.

    Don't have a dedicated commercial vehicle but need one occasionally for deliveries and site visits? Business car magnets hit the sweet spot of convenience and cost!

    Magnetic Sign for commercial vehicle in Philadelphia, PA

    Leading Company for Magnetic Signs in Philadelphia

    Pacesetter Signs and Graphics is transforming the signage experience in Philadelphia. That means premium quality signs, exceptional customer service, and maximum value for your investment.

    Whether you're ordering your first sign or are a signage pro yourself, we'll make buying signs completely hassle-free. Discover the difference working with a professional team makes--for us, the project isn't complete till you are satisfied.

    Book a consultation today to talk to an expert about magnetic signs near you in Philadelphia.

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