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Striking Custom Storefront Signs in Philadelphia

Attract customers and grow brand awareness in Philadelphia's competitive markets with stunning storefront signs. Work with the go-to storefront sign makers in the city for signs that don't just look good, they'll help you get leads.

Bring your vision to life--at Pacesetter Signs and Graphics, you'll never have to settle for boring or bland signs. Work with a team that sits with you to understand your needs and create the ideal signs for your business.

Receive professional service from experienced professionals at one of the leading shops for storefront signs near you.

Book a free consultation today and find out how we make ordering signage for your business completely seamless.

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    All Types of Storefront Signs Available in Philadelphia

    Choose from one of the largest selections of modern signs for your storefront. We produce all types of wall and storefront window signs, including:

    Can't find the ones you're looking for? Benefit from an in-house manufacturing shop and an expert team committed to bringing your dream business storefront signs to reality.

    Ordering Custom Storefront Signs Couldn't Be Easier

    We make getting customized signs completely seamless. Whether you're ordering your first sign or are signage pro yourself, we'll guide you through the entire process.

    Enjoy comprehensive, hands-on service from a team that takes care of:

    • Design
    • Production
    • Installation
    • Maintenance

    Work with a team that's committed to maximizing your ROI--we only use high-quality materials for durable signs that provide years of hassle-free service.

    Why We Are the Go-To Sign Company for Storefront Signage

    That's simple: we make sure you get your money's worth and show you how you can maximize your return on investment. It's why educational institutions, healthcare providers, retailers, and companies rely on us for storefront signs for their business.

    Our customers can look to us for:

    • High-quality materials and excellent build quality.
    • Flexible order sizes, flexible pricing, and responsible business practices.
    • Low-maintenance signs that perform flawlessly for years.
    • Outstanding after-sales service that makes sign ownership a breeze.
    • Regular updates on the signage project and expert advice.

    Pacesetter Signs and Graphics isn't just another company for storefront signs in Philadelphia, we're trusted, marketing partners.

    Go-To Sign Company for Storefront Signage in Philadelphia, PA
    Custom Storefront Business Signs for Pizza Papi

    What Is a Storefront Sign?

    Storefront signs are ones installed above the front entrance of a commercial establishment, such as a store or office. Also called retail signs, these signs can be installed over the front door, across a permanent awning, above the store window, or even at a back entrance that's used for loading and unloading.

    Signs are personalized to include your branding: your business name, colors, logo, and design

    Benefits and Uses of Storefront Signs You Can't Afford to Miss Out On

    Grow brand awareness, advertise better, and maximize your marketing potential with shopfront signage. Use signs to:

    • Display business name and information.
    • Promote events, sales, your social media handles, online store, and more.
    • Get your business noticed.
    • Attract customers with Philadelphia storefront signs.
    Storefront Awning Sign for The Abbey in Philadelphia, PA

    Outdoor Business Sign Design and Installation in Philadelphia

    Enjoy professional service from a company that's committed to making your experience truly turnkey. Our team takes care of all the hard work so you can focus on everything else your business needs to succeed.

    We'll help you identify options that keep the cost of storefront signs within budget and maximize value. Book a free consultation to discuss your needs with a seasoned signage professional in Philadelphia.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Are storefront signs durable?

    We design our storefront signs to deliver long-lasting, hassle-free performance. That means signs use durable materials proven for outdoor use, LED lighting for less frequent bulb changes, and strong sealants to reduce the risk of water damage. Though the life of a sign depends on the conditions it faces, expect your signs to run without needing special maintenance for several years.

    What is the purpose of store signs?

    At the most basic, store signs tell people where your store is located. Eye-catching signs create a memorable impression on customers and passers-by and can get more people walking through the door. Finally, well-designed signs (attractive and lead-generating) are proven to increase sales. It’s why we always recommend speaking to a signage professional before finalizing your sign’s design.

    What materials are used to make storefront signs?

    Aluminum, stainless steel, HDU, and acrylic are some materials used most commonly in storefront signs. Materials such as these offer a great balance between cost, appearance, and durability.

    We can make storefront signs out of different materials of your choice, too; though we will advise you if a certain material is unsuitable for outdoor use, such as iron which is prone to rust.

    Why is having a storefront sign important?

    Storefront signs are one of the first visual touch points for your customers; they are going to make the first impression, and you can’t afford to risk not having a sign or having a drab-looking sign. Storefront signs have been proven to increase foot traffic into the business and encourage shoppers to make purchases, too. Also, if you don’t have a storefront sign, how will people know where you are located?

    How do you make a storefront LED sign?

    Storefront LED signs come in a wide variety of styles and configurations: such as channel letters, lightboxes, raceway, and more. Since each is very different, they require quite different building techniques. However, broadly, we make storefront LED signs by:

    • Cutting and bending sheet metal to the specifications of the design.
    • Preparing the sign housing.
    • Installing LED lighting strips inside or outside the housing, as needed.
    How much do storefront signs cost?

    The cost of your storefront signs will depend on several factors, including the materials you use, the style, and the size.

    For an accurate cost and time estimate for your sign, talk to us today.

    How long does a storefront sign take to install?

    Depending on the condition of the mounting surface and the work required to mount the sign, storefront sign installation can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days. Our team assesses your space before providing a time estate for installation. We also take care of all the equipment required to install the sign.

    What are the advantages of storefront signs?

    Storefront signs are some of the most important signs you can install at your business. Here are a few advantages:

    • Show off your branding and creativity prominently.
    • Make a favorable impression on shoppers.
    • Advertise your business 24/7.
    • Make it easy for people to find your business.
    • Differentiate yourself from the competition.
    What are dimensional letters storefront signs?

    Dimensional letter storefront signs are made of large three-dimensional letters. These are constructed and mounted individually on the wall, unlike traditional sign boards where the letters are mounted on one large board. Dimensional letters house LED lighting within the body and can be configured to offer some stunning lighting.

    Where I can get a custom storefront sign in Philadelphia?

    If you’re looking for the most professional and trusted signage shop in Philadelphia, you’re at the right place. Pacesetter Signs and Graphics is the go-to signage partner for everyone from retail stores to chain restaurants to educational institutions. We make ordering signs completely seamless, and our team spends time understanding your needs.

    Book a free consultation today.

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