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Grow Your Brand, Advertise Your Business with Stunning Signs

Get your business branding, logo, and name noticed with custom dimensional letters. We'll help you personalize signs exactly as you want and give your Philadelphia-area business a competitive edge.

Benefit from unique three-dimensional designs that helps generate curiosity, captures the attention of passers-by, and can grow revenue. No wonder indoor and outdoor 3D letters are some of the top picks of businesses in the city.

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    Make the Most of the Benefits of and Uses for Dimensional Letters

    Make a positive impression and give people the confidence to do business with you with dimensional sign letters. Get creative ways to convey your level of professionalism and commitment to quality to potential customers when you work with Pacesetter Signs and Graphics.

    Our customers used 3D letters to:

    • Grow brand awareness.
    • Give your business a more professional look.
    • Boost employee morale.
    • Get your store or office noticed.
    • Make a solid first impression on visitors.
    • Stand out from your competition.

    Work With a Company That Specializes in 3D Sign Letters for Buildings

    Receive nothing less than the ideal, attention-grabbing 3D signs that make people take a second look when you work with us. We'll spend time with you to understand your needs and design stunning signs that generate business. Choose from a wide range of materials for your outdoor and indoor 3D letters:

    • Foam
    • Plastic
    • Aluminum
    • Stainless steel
    • Copper
    • Wood
    • Brass
    • Bronze

    Want something classic and timeless? Choose metals such as copper, aluminum, brass, bronze, and stainless steel dimensional letters.

    Take your marketing to the next level with backlit dimensional letters. We have a wide range of eye-catching lighting options, including spotlight, reverse backlit, halo-lit, and more.

    Whatever material you choose, we'll help you bring your dream signs to life--take advantage of a dedicated fabrication shop and experienced craftspeople who love to create signs that pop!

    Shine the Spotlight on Your Business with Unique Dimensional Letters

    Improve brand recognition with illuminated dimensional letters that are easily readable even during evening hours. Dimensional letters are one of the most effective ways of standing out from the crowd. Compete harder with a professionally-designed exterior sign that's tailor-made to suit your unique identity.

    Learn more about lighting up your dimensional letter signs when you talk to our experts.

    All Types of Dimensional Letters Available in Philadelphia

    Dimensional sign letters are some of the most versatile entrance signs you'll find. Choose from a wide range of styles, such as:

    Three Dimensional Letters

    What Are Dimensional Sign Letters?

    Dimensional letter signs are formed of individually built letters and logos, unlike traditional signs that are mounted on signboards. Each of the 3-dimensional letters is mounted directly on the building's exterior or indoor wall.

    Three-dimensional office signs and other kinds of dimensional signs are popular with Philadelphia-area businesses because they are visually customizable, appealing, and can help maximize your budget.

    Dimensional Letters And Logo

    Work with a Trusted Local Sign Company in Philly

    Take advantage of the expertise of a team that makes the signage experience completely seamless. Our team takes care of:

    • Design
    • Installation
    • Maintenance

    We help businesses like yours keep the cost of dimensional letters within budget. Receive expert advice from experienced sign manufacturers who can guide you with ADA-compliant business signs and local permits.

    Book a complimentary consultation to discuss 3D letter and 3D logo signs with an expert serving the Philadelphia area. We'll assess your space, suggest styles, and help you design cost-effective signs.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is dimensional letter signage?

    Unlike traditional signboards, dimensional letter signs are made of large three-dimensional (3D) letters. The letters give a 3D look once they’re mounted on the wall, the roof, or on the ground. Each letter is constructed and mounted individually. Dimensional letters have become popular in Philadelphia because they’re just so much more eye-catching than traditional signs!

    What are three-dimensional letters?

    A three-dimensional letter is one part of a larger 3D sign. The letter is constructed out of aluminum and acrylic (or your choice of materials), and includes its own lighting. 3D letters are completely customizable, and you can design yours to match your branding and surroundings.

    How do you install dimensional letters?

    Installing dimensional letters follows the same process as installing any other sign. Our team evaluates the mounting surface and makes repairs if any are needed to strengthen it. Then, we drill holes in the wall, insert anchors, and install the mounting bracket. The letters themselves are mounted on the brackets and screwed in.

    What are 2D letters?

    Two-dimensional letters are ones that don’t have depth to them. Some common examples of 2D letter signs are lightbox signs (on which letters are pasted as vinyl stickers), and raceway sign boards. In both cases, the letters are flush with the sign and don’t jut out of the building. They are some of the most common signs you’ll find because they are extremely cost-effective.

    How do you put 3D letters on the wall?

    We begin by assessing the condition of the wall: whether the paint is peeling, whether there are any cracks, and whether it can be loadbearing. Our team then drills mounting points and inserts anchors. We screw in the mounting bracket for the sign and install the 3D letters to the mounting holes.

    How do you hang hollow metal letters?

    Here’s how you can hang hollow metal letters from the wall:

    1. Check if the wall can bear the load of the metal letters.
    2. Drill holes (aligned with joists, if required) and install anchors.
    3. Install the mounting bracket.
    4. Hang the hollow metal letters from the bracket.

    Make sure the letters are firmly attached; otherwise, they can pose a safety hazard.

    How do you put metal letters on?

    How you install metal letters depends on where you’re planning on placing them. Here are three common mounting locations:

    Wall – The letters are screwed into the wall directly.

    Roof – A support structure is installed on the roof, and the letters are attached to this structure.

    Ground – The letters are placed on the ground and anchored. A temporary base may be made out of wood to protect the surface.

    What are 3D sign letters for buildings?

    Three-dimensional sign letters for buildings are large 3D letters. These are built individually, installed separately, and have their own lighting. They’re popular signs in Philadelphia, but if you’re not sure what 3D signs look like exactly, then check out our gallery. 3D sign letters are some of the most effective signage you can get for your business.

    How do you make a 3-dimensional letter?

    The first step in the process is design. We’ll sit with you to understand your vision, create design ideas, and get your approval on the final design. After that, our fabrication shop creates the sign housing, which may be made of metal, acrylic, HDU, or other materials. Once that’s done, we install lighting, and seal the sign body to protect it against water damage. Every sign goes through an extensive QC to ensure long-lasting performance.

    Where I can get 3-dimensional letters in Philadelphia, PA?

    The best place to get three-dimensional letters in Philadelphia, PA, is right here at Pacesetter Signs and Graphics. We work with everyone from retailers to hospitals for signs, and provide nothing less than exceptional experience and quality. You’ll work with a responsive team that’s committed to delivering the value you expect.

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