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September 5, 2023
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From Concept to Reality: The Signage Installation Process Demystified

What's the process of taking design on a screen to a stunning sign at your business? Anyone who's worked with us will describe the design and sign installation process in one word: seamless.

However, if you are a first-time buyer or are interested in learning more about the signage process, this blog will reveal all you need to know about creating custom signage solutions.

1. Pick Up the Phone

The first step in any signage project is the initial consultation. It starts with you reaching out to our signage team to book a free consultation. During this consultation, we’ll take the time to discuss:

  • The type of sign(s) you are looking for
  • What you're looking to achieve with the sign
  • What your marketing budget is
  • When you want the signs installed
  • The location for installation
  • Any other special requests

Our team will help you find custom signage solutions that suit your needs, and then we get the show on the road.

2. Creating Branded Designs

Once the basics are fleshed out, the focus shifts to design. One of the most important things in guiding the design process is knowing why you're getting the sign. Is it for advertising? Is it a branding sign? Do you want to show directions? If you are clear about the intended purpose of the sign, you will be able to optimize its design for that purpose.

You can send us your designs or tell our team to design branded options for you. We study your brand guidelines and take note of any requirements to prepare several designs that you can choose from or modify.

3. Preparing Mock-Ups for the Sign

The next step is creating a digital mock-up of the sign. This stage allows you to see how the sign will look wherever you plan to install it. You can see how it looks under different types of lighting, around other decor, and more. This very important step allows you to fine-tune the design before our sign manufacturer takes over.

4. Getting the Requisite Permits

While not all signs need a signage permit in Philadelphia, several outdoor signs do. You must obtain the permit before sign installation or else you risk having it removed unceremoniously. Our team can guide you through this process, assist with paperwork, and advise on how to go about getting the permit.

5. Printing and Building the Sign

From your point of view, there's not much to see here. You are able to sit back and relax as our team prints your graphics and builds your signs from start to finish. We perform extensive quality control checks to ensure the signs are built to our highest standards.

6. Sign Installation

As sign installation is the final step, it can vary enormously. The process depends on the type of sign you've ordered, as well as the installation location. Vinyl graphics can be installed in a matter of hours, whereas large outdoor signs take much longer. Our team prepares the chosen surface for installation, arranges any necessary equipment, completes electrical runs, and installs the sign.

Why You Need the Right Sign Partner

When broken down into six simple steps, the process sounds so easy, but the reality is building signage is a complex process. An experienced sign fabricator, such as Pacesetter Signs and Graphics, makes the signage experience seamless. We guide you every step of the way, provide responsive service, and make sure you are well-informed throughout. Book a free consultation to discuss your needs and find out why we are the right partner for you.

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