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December 10, 2022
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Office Reception Signage: Why You Should Invest in It

Have you seen pictures of the reception area in the new FIS building that’s coming up in Jacksonville? Sophisticated, suave, stunning...everything that a modern business needs to wow customers and clientele.

Though most people consider signs just that—signs—the fact is that signage does much more than show people the way around. Signs are an integral part of the reception’s decor and play an essential role in creating the visitor experience.

In this article, we’ll tell you why businesses like FIS and Boeing invest so much in lobby signs (and reception decor, generally) and why you should as well.

Creating a Branded Workspace

Branding the workspace is one of the core functions of corporate lobby signs; they help you make the office space your own. Channel letters, for instance, are one of the first touch points for visitors and are essential for making the right impression. The Boeing example we shared above shows you can create a compelling theme for your office space.

Maximizing Sales Opportunities

Signs aren’t just decorative; they have a tangible impact on your business’s bottom line. A FedEx Office study found that nearly 8 out of 10 Americans enter establishments because they liked its signage, and signage convinced nearly 7 out of 10 people to make a purchase.

Depending on your industry and buyer journeys, you can leverage corporate lobby signs for sales to maximize upsells, promote bundling, and encourage impulse buys.

Building Confidence with Visitors

Sales aren’t just about pushing products and services; they are about confidence. There are particular elements that demonstrate experience and expertise, and which can strengthen sales channels, says Harvard Business Review. We’re certainly not going to argue with that!

Our customers use custom reception signs, such as wall murals, to display skylines for cities in which they have offices to demonstrate their reach and size. Company timelines and special achievements are also great ways to build confidence with customers.

Staying Compliant with Lobby Signs

Reception signs aren’t all glitz and glamor; some of the vital signs are also some of the easiest to miss. ADA signs, lobby directories, and emergency signs are essential not only because they improve visitor comfort, but they are also required by law.

Most businesses that receive visitors are required to install ADA reception signs to keep the space accessible; similarly, emergency exit and fire safety signage are required by building bylaws.

Make sure you speak to an expert about where to install them, so you don’t risk a fine, or a lawsuit!

Bringing It All Together for a Cohesive Visitor Experience

Everything we talked about above comes together to make a unique, memorable experience for visitors. And in a competitive marketplace like Jacksonville, anyway that you can differentiate your business from your peers is a major competitive advantage.

So, which lobby signs do you need for your business? At Pacesetter Signs and Graphics, we help business owners identify options that add value to their business. Talk to us about your needs, find out how you can transform your lobby cost-effectively, and start creating custom reception signs.

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