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September 29, 2023
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Boost Foot Traffic with Outdoor Advertising Signs: Finding Strategies That Work

In a fast-paced world, outdoor advertising signs help you boost branding and advertise effectively. However, to maximize the impact of your signs, you need to find the right advertising strategy.

In this blog, we'll provide a five-step process that will help you find the right outdoor advertising signs and encourage people to walk through your store’s front doors.

Step 1: Craft Compelling Promotions for Outdoor Advertising Signs

Outdoor business signage is the loudspeaker for your promotional messaging. It amplifies your promotions and presents them to potential customers. For your signage to be effective, you need a lucrative offer that appeals to your target customer base.

Some popular sales promotions are free trials, lifestyle discounts, vouchers, and free shipping. In a nutshell, your offer should excite customers and be easily accessible to them.

Step 2: Use the Right Commercial Outdoor Signage for the Job

Signs are specialized marketing tools, which is why you need to use the right one in the right place. Outdoor wall graphics, for instance, are great for introducing promotions to passersby. Their large size and imposing presence make them hard to miss. However, if you are targeting regular clientele, a smaller sign, such as an A-frame sign, may be the better option.

Step 3: Know the Pros and Cons of Your Location

Located on a busy street? You have a naturally large audience, but they may be walking past without noticing your business. Making sure your brand is noticed by standing out from surrounding businesses is one of the topmost priorities for businesses, says Lendio. Fortunately, the right outdoor office signs can help you do just that.

Blade signs are installed perpendicular to a building, which puts them directly in the line of sight of passersby. Others, like LED signs, are incredibly customizable, meaning you can find creative ways to stand out from establishments around you.

Located in an out-of-the-way, quiet neighborhood? People may not know there is a business worth visiting in this area. You are not competing with dozens of other businesses, but you have a different challenge. You must add elements, such as lighting or height, to your signage that will help you draw customers to you.

Pylon signs offer height, while illuminate signs, such as channel letters or metal signs, make sure you’re seen from near and far. Each of these sign solutions offers the visibility and attractiveness that you need to boost your business.

Step 4: Leverage Your Branding Fully

Your logo, brand colors, and unique design features are essential elements of your identity. Display them proudly and use them fully to make your promotions unique. See how this H&R Block billboard uses the brand's green color and logo prominently. When customers see it, they will often know the ad is for financial services.

Step 5: Get the Right Bang for Your Buck

Just like any other business activity, advertising must deliver the return on investment that you expect it to. Otherwise, the investment isn’t worth your while. That’s why we encourage business owners to identify signs that will deliver the value you expect. Consider things such as the sign's style, its size, location, and operating costs.

The International Sign Association reports businesses have seen a 10% increase in sales after installing a new sign. Therefore, signage should be part of your business plan.

Maximize Advertising Potential with Commercial Outdoor Signage

Whether you are looking for outdoor wall graphics or large outdoor office signs, Pacesetter Signs and Graphics is the team for you. Benefit from market insight and marketing expertise when you work with our team. Book a free consultation today to discuss your needs.

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