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What is an Office Lobby Sign?

When people hear business signs, what automatically comes to mind are tools that sell products and services. However, this is not always the case. Some signs are intended to introduce and reinforce a brand to their target audience to influence their future purchase decisions and preferences. Others have a more practical purpose, such as providing important social distancing reminders. There are a few signs that play both roles.

Reception signs are visual communication solutions that greet your clients from the moment they enter your front door. They often display your most important branding elements, such as the company name, logo, and slogan. They also indicate crucial details that customers are concerned about. As your trusted office lobby sign company in North East, we can create high-quality solutions that will surely impress your target market.

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    Types of lobby signs in North East

    • Backlit lobby signs: These stunning signs are like the centerpiece of your entire reception area. Thanks to the halo lighting effect, every detail of your trademark is beautifully emphasized. Since we use LED, you can expect the illumination to shine brightly for a long time without consuming too much electricity.
    • Acrylic lobby signs: If you want to add a pop of color to your space, we highly recommend acrylic signs. We offer standard surface and 3D subsurface printing. Our team can create dimensional letters using acrylic as well. These signs are incredibly resilient, shock-proof, lightweight, and budget-friendly.
    • Digital lobby signs “near me”: Interactive digital displays are perfect for engaging with customers and keeping them entertained as they wait to be served. You can display product teasers, video ads about your services, event announcements, and more.
    • Metal lobby signs: For brands that want a sleek, powerful, and edgy image, metal signs are for you. They are also ideal for offices or establishments with serious environments, such as law firms and dental clinics. You can choose between engraved or dimensional letters fabricated from metal.

    Uses of Lobby Signs for Your North East Company

    • Create a positive first impression: 3D logo wall signs that are strategically designed, manufactured, and installed can help impress your clients from the moment they step foot inside your facility. This strategy helps influence their purchase decisions, brand loyalty, and overall experience.
    • Provide important information: Front desk signs also indicate essential details that clients should know about. It includes company policies, certain do’s and don’ts, important safety reminders, check-in info, and more.
    • Connect with consumers: North East office lobby signs can also be used to beautifully narrate your company history so that customers can learn more about who you are as a brand. You can also showcase a creative illustration of your production process, corporate social activities, branches around the globe, and more.
    • Indicate wayfinding cues: Aside from different branding details, these signs are also excellent for displaying directories and maps to help clients navigate your space more easily. 3D lobby signs can be used to display simple arrows and room labels as well.

    Best Lobby Sign Manufacturer in [North East, MD]

    Are you on the hunt for high-quality lobby signs near North East? Look no further because you are in the right place.

    Pacesetter Signs and Graphics, Inc is your reliable source of high-quality custom lobby signs for different kinds of establishments. We take pride in having a team of highly-skilled sign-makers who make sure that clients get solutions that are fully customized to meet their needs and expectations.

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