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December 15, 2022
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What Are Channel Letters and How Can They Help Your Business to Grow?

Whether it's the local McDonald's or the Michael Kors store, channel letter signs are some of the most popular you'll find. But just because it's a channel sign doesn't mean it's going to be effective.
Find out what channel letters are exactly and how they can help your business grow brand awareness and increase sales.

So What Are Channel Letters Anyway

These are signs made of individually built three-dimensional letters. Each letter is prepared separately, contains its own lighting, and is mounted independently on the wall (or wherever else you want it). There are three big draws of channel letters signs:
• Because they are three-dimensional signs, they are more visible to passers-by, making them great at attracting attention.
• They are completely customizable, allowing you to create virtually any combination of letters, numbers, and symbols.
• The myriad of lighting options gives them a truly stunning look and allows you to create just the right mood for your business.

Can Channel Letters Grow Your Business (and What's the Hype All About)?

Get the design of your storefront channel letters right, and you can unlock new potential business. Here's how these signs can help you grow your business:

  1. Make an Impact in Your Community
    Statistics say around 50% of your customer base lives less than 1 mile from your business, making local marketing efforts invaluable. Attractive three-dimensional letter signs help you grow brand awareness and reach out to this audience.
  2. Attract Customers and Make Sales
    American shoppers love signage, something this FedEx survey shows all too well. Nearly 80% of shoppers admit to visiting a store because they liked its signage; over two-thirds say they purchased because of what they saw on a sign.
    Eye-catching signs, such as storefront channel letters, can impact your bottom line in a very real way and pay for themselves.
  3. Stand Out From Your Competition
    Elkton may be a small town in Maryland, but there's nothing small about the competition business owners face. It's not just competing establishments in the vicinity; local businesses must contend with tough e-commerce competition too.
    Personalized channel signs allow you to differentiate yourself from your competition and provide customers with a memorable experience.
  4. Lower Energy Bills with LED Signs
    Recurring costs, such as energy bills, can be some of the biggest expenses for a small business. And that's not helped if you are using traditional bulbs in your signs; these can consume 3-6 times more electricity than LED lighting.
    LED channel letter signs can dramatically reduce your energy bills, and the greater longevity of LEDs means they need to be replaced less often too.

Designing the Right Signs for Your Business

Attractive signs aren't a guarantee of increased business growth--you need signs that convert. That's why Pacesetter Signs and Graphics is the go-to signage company in Elkton, Maryland, for businesses like yours. We help clients design unique signs and ensure a hassle-free ownership experience.

Book a free consultation to discuss channel and dimensional letters for your business today.

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