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December 8, 2022
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Tips to Choose the Right Interior Signs for Your Business in Philadelphia

They can help you improve visitor experience, grow sales, and save you from a hefty fine, but most business owners don't know where to start when it comes to interior signs in Philadelphia.
Virtually every business, whether a retail store, an office, or a hospital, needs interior signs. They help guide visitors around the building, improve safety, and unlock sales opportunities. But which signs should you get?
Here are four questions you should ask to choose the right indoor business signs for your establishment.

4 Questions That Will Help You Choose the Right Interior Signs

What Are You Trying to Achieve?

The first and most important tip for choosing the right sign: knowing why you are installing them. Typically, interior signs are used for four things:
• Promoting products and services to customers.
• Decorating and branding the workspace.
• Showing directions around the building and warning people of hazards.
• Boosting employee morale.

It can be tempting to get one sign to do it all, but you need to avoid that; a sign that tries to do too many things ends up looking confused and unappealing.
Focus on one or two of these aspects at most, such as a branded wayfinding sign, to maximize effectiveness.

Where Are You Going to Install Them?

Not every sign is suitable for every space; some, such as lobby signs, are ideal in reception areas, while something like a bathroom sign is best placed on the bathroom door.
Prepare a chart of your office space and the flow of people you expect (for example, from the lobby to a waiting room to a doctor's office and then back to the lobby). That will make it much easier to visualize what sign needs to be installed and where.

How Much Do You Want to Spend?

Cost is the driving factor behind most business investments, and indoor business signs are no different. It's good to have a broad idea of how much you want to spend on your signs; if you aren't sure how much signs cost, talk to a signage professional.
Don't be shy about your budget--tell your sign company because that will help it find styles and options that maximize value. We always advise customers to start with essential signage first (like ADA signs, wayfinding signs, and building signs).

Does Your Building Require Certain Types of Signs?

If you receive visitors regularly or have employees over, you'll likely need ADA signs and essential safety signage, such as hazard warnings. Most buildings also require businesses to maintain legally required emergency signs, such as exit and fire escape signs.

Find the Ideal Interior Signs in Philadelphia with Our Help

Get a quote, on-site assessment and build a comprehensive signage plan for your office space with Pacesetter Signs and Graphics. We'll help you find premium, cost-effective signs that align with your business's goals and help you stay on the right side of safety legislation.

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